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SOTD Monday August 7 - Sunday August 13

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I sure will enjoy it. I am really into soaps lately and now that I'm starting to round out my collection I don't see my creams getting much use at all.

You seem to be somewhat of a shaving soap aficianado, and based on your rave reviews alone, I bought 7 of these things last week. I'm worried that won't be enough. What if they stop making them? Maybe I should buy 100 of them.

How many do you keep on hand?

btw - I enjoy the scent so much, that I've been washing my hands with the stick.
Joe, I have a lot of soaps, but I still have more creams, I think. Definitely, I love Arko, it's my favorite soap, but I keep 10 other soaps, like Col. Conk, Mama Bear, and Gold-Dachs Spezial, which is off the market now unfortunately. I doubt that Arko soap would meet that fate, because it's so popular. BTW, I use mine ONLY for shaving, even though I have a few more unstarted ones, I want them to last forever! :lol: I gave a stick of it to my dad and even he loves it, he's going to be 85 this month, and he became a dedicated wetshaver once again!

crackstar said:
I gave a stick of it to my dad and even he loves it, he's going to be 85 this month, and he became a dedicated wetshaver once again!


Thats great Jeff! I'm pretty sure Arko will still be in my "rotation" when I get to be that old.
Merkur Long Classic w/ Merkur Super Platinum
C&E Travel Brush
Geo F. Trumpers Violet Cream (Last day using it, giving rest to a friend.)
Baxter of California Aftershave
Shower: Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar, Salux wash cloth.


Proraso Pre
Will G Lime Emerald soap
NWC Fixed Injector & Schick blade
Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Will G Sandalwood A/S balm (thanks, Stelios!)

Gillette Rocket
Lord Blade
Muehle Pinsel Super Badger
Erasmic shave soap
No-name AS splash

First shave with the Erasmic, quite nice, very unusual smell, good though..
Shavemac razor w/Derby blade
Shavemac 23mm in finest
Charles Tyrwhitt Lemon & cedar SC
QED Da Vinci Water
Charles Tyrwhitt Lemon & Cedar ASB
Merkur Futur with Derby Extra blade
SR3226 silvertip
Omega shave cream
QED Peppermint tonic
Baxters ASB

Acqua di Parma cologne
Not too long ago I recall asking my wife to come and look (at the computer screen) at these disturbed people who post pictures of their shaving gear on this site!

Here I am, not a month later in my bathroom doing a photo shoot of a razor/brush stand. :scared:

:biggrin: Well, here is my latest: Murkur SS Safety Razor/Brush Stand purchased from Classic Shaving for $74.99 http://www.classicshaving.com/catalog/item/522941/430006.htm#image_1

It just fits the C&E $35 brush and it looks like it would accept just about any safety razor. It's very heavy and seems well constructed.

Sorry. I posted this in the wrong place, I meant to put it in Acquisitions.
Very nice razor stand Brian, I have the same one. Is yours a 30mm capable stand? Mine is, I find these stands capable of holding any razor and brush you can throw at it!


Proraso pre/post cream
AOS fine Badger brush
Taylor's Lavender
Gillette Black Tip SS = BBS
Neutrogena AS lotion
Nivea for men Moisturizer

I don't know what I did different today but the shave was the best and smoothest since I started almost 3 months ago.
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