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SOTD Monday August 7 - Sunday August 13

Nancy Boy Conditioner as pre shave
Nancy Boy Shave Cream
Superior Brushes 25mm Super Badger
1950 Ever Ready Razor
GEM PTFE Coated Blade
Witch Hazel
Nancy Boy Cooling A/S
Merkur Futur
Lord blade
Merkur Silvertip (Futur)
Woods of Windsor mugsoap

Second attemt with Woods of Windsor, much better :001_smile still very thin lather, and it vanishes quickly so you have to re-lather over and over.. But the scent is really nice and it really smoooooth :001_smile :001_smile

Basically a exellent beginning of another week of vacation:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
26 mm Shavemac silvertip
Merkur HD/Euro Gillette (1st impression better than Merkur not as good as Feather)

SCS preshave oil
QED Bergamot (this I REALLY like)
Thayer's Lemon
Trumper Rose Coral Skin Food

Eau Sauvage Extreme EDT (this I also REALLY like)

Omega brush
Merkur Progress
Wilkinson Sword shave soap (blue bowl)
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Aramis edt

a pretty good scent to this soap, lather is decent if not great.

Shavemac 30mm silvertip
Merkur HD/merkur
Taylor's pre-shave gel
Salter Mint
Proraso AS balm
AOS moisturizer

Merkur HD w/ fresh Derby
Vulfix 2234
Proraso pre/post as pre
GFT Violet Cream
Alum Bar
Thayer's Rose WH
Baxter ASB

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

Had two days of stubble and now am totally BBS with no irritation to be found anywhere!
Merker Classic w/ Israeli blade
Vulfix #406 brush
St. Charles Shamrock soap
St. Charles New Spice cologne
Miss me? :wink:

Shower: Nancy Boy bath bar, conditioner, shampoo, and face wash

Merkur Futur with Derby Extra blade
Kent BK2
Pre de Provence soap
D.R. Harris Aftershaving Milk

Trumper Lavender Water


Not feeling the love for the Trumper Lavender....
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Traveling last weekend:
Schick Injector w/ CVS Blade
Caswell Massey Pure Badger Travel Brush
AOS Lemon Shaving Cream
Em's Place Cucumber After Shave Splash

Today's Shave:
Schick injector
Caswell Massey Pure Badger Travel Brush
Surrey Deluxe Shaving Soap
Burt's Bees Lavender Complexion Mist
Brave Soldier Code Blue

My order from Nationwide Campus is suppposed to come today! :001_smile
Schick Injector w/ new Schick blade
Bic Metal for upperlip & touchups
Unknown maker brush (see gallery)
T&H Luxury soap
QED DaVinci H2O
D.R. Harris Pink a/s

Penhaligon's Opus 1870 edt (sample)

Smooth comfortable shave. Could definitely use the Schick for every shave but I enjoy using the Merkur Futur and Progress too much.

KMF Olive Oil soap
Nancy Boy Gentle Face Wash

HD with a new Derby
Scrubby Chubby#2 Super
Salter Mint

Toddler interruption - forgot the balm!

Floris JF EdT

The Derbys are smooth as ever, but I get a better shave on my neck with an adjustable. No irritation at all today though, just some minor micro stubble. I don't even miss the aftershave. :cool:

-Merkur Classic Open Comb w. Israeli Personna ( 4th shave)
-SMF II brush
-PSO Shaving Oil
-OLIVIA's Bambus shave soap
-OLIVIA's unscented A/S balm

Merkur HD-Derby Extra
C&E Best Badger
QED Limes Shave Soap
Thayers Lavender WH
Trumpers Lime Skin Food
Penhaligon's Castile EDT
letterk said:
40's SS w/ Derby
Vulfix 403
SCS Orange Sorbet soap
Thayer's Lavender
C&E Nomad
SCS Sandalwood EDT

Hi John,

the SCS Sandalwood EdT is a real great stuff, isn't it???

Gillette Tech
Merkur Super Platinum Blade
C&E Travel Brush
Proraso Green Tube
Proraso After Shave

Several passes with repeated latherings, very enjoyable.

- Jim
Shower ROC pre-shave shampoo.

-Fatboy/fresh SHARP blade
-Muhle SB pinsel
-Nancyboy cream
-Proraso pre
-Greece a/s balm
-Michael a/s splash
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