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SOTD June 5 to June 11

Merkur Vision with Wilkinson Blade
Kent Shaving Soap
Trumper's Coral Skin Food
Tabac Original Aftershave
Truefitt and Hill 1805 Shaving Cream
SMF I Shave Brush
Feather Artist Club RG with Pro Blade

Truefitt and Hill 1805 Cologne
Omega brush
Dovo straight razor
Proraso Sapone da Barba
Lubriderm unscented moisturizer
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme edt

Merkur Vision with Wilkinson Blade
Kent Shaving Soap
Trumper's Coral Skin Food
Tabac Original Aftershave
- Fatboy /Feather 3rd use
- Proraso green tube
-Thayers W/H lavender
- Floris A/S Balm Santal
- Floris EDT Santal
-Body spray Gravity Axe

4 Passes today with setting 9 and for PSO used setting 4.
Merkur Futur w/Feather blade
Savile Row 3120 silvertip
C&E Sienna shaving soap
QED rose hydrosol
C&E Sienna ASB
C&E Sienna EDT
Shower: Nancy Boy body bar, conditioner, and face wash; Baxters shampoo

Merkur slantbar with Feather blade
T&H ebony super badger
QED Patchouli/Peppermint/Tea Tree shave stick
Baxters ASB

Acqua di Parma cologne

For those who like cooling shave products, this shave stick makes Proraso seem like eating barbeque in the Mohave desert.
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Gillette Fatboy
Feather blade
Rooney Style 1 medium brush
Arko Sensitive cream
Thayers rose witch hazel
Pinaud Clubman AS
Happy Monday....

Schick Injector w/Schick blade
Bic Metal for upper lip & touchups
Simpson PJ1 -Best-
Proraso soap
QED DaVinci H2O
Proraso cream a/s
Trumper's Limes SF

Saint Charles Shave spritz

Had a heck of the time getting the Proraso to lather but after 3 attempts I finally got an okay lather.
Got a few more nicks and weepers than I'm accustomed to but the shave was close and my face is smooth.
The Proraso aftershave is okay but it was not love at 1st sight.
Going to have to give Charles at QED a call soon as my DaVinci and Lavender H2O's are getting low...I'm so tempted to add an jar of Castle Forbes cream.
The Saint Charles Shave pump jammed up after 2 sprays so I am about 2 spritzes light :tongue_sm

Have a great week.

Monday Morning Shave:
- Merkur HD with Merkur Blade
- Trafalgar Shop Brush
- KMF Cool Mint Shave Cream
- Jojoba Oil as lube for T&C (worked well, IMO - but I had to give my face a thorough washing afterwards. Like I do whenever I use any "oil")
- Thayers Lemon WH
- Baxters AS Balm
- Anthony Sport Lightweight Face Lotion
- T&H West Indian Limes Cologne
Doesn't get much more old school than this Monday shave....

1940s Gillette Super Speed (thanks Steve!)
Israeli Personna - first use
Vulfix 2234
Classic Shaving hard soap, sandalwood
Feather A/S
Agua di Parma EDT (thanks Scotto!)

Man was this an outstanding shave today! That Gillette is a fantastic razor. The Israeli felt a touch sharper than a Merkur, maybe comparable to a Derby.
Personna Injector w/Schick blade
Vulfix 2235
Nancy Boy Shave cream
Thayers Rose Witch hazel
Baxters ASB

My first attempt at 2 passes with a non-cartridge razor and it was great. My sensitive skin can only handle this once a week though.
- Gillette Fat Boy
- Derby Extra Day 1
- EJ for C&E Best Badger
- QED Sandalwood Soap
- Thayer's Rose WH
- Taylor's #74 Limes EDT

- I now remember why I made the Feather my blade of choice. After two days of no shaving, the Derby had to drag through the whiskers seemingly pulling them out whereas the Feather effortlessly slices and dices. I'll probably continue the rest of the week with the Derby to see how it fairs against shorter stubble, not to mention it did provide an irritation free shave.

- Gillette FatBoy update: After a good week's worth of shaves, I have to say that I have been impressed with the Gillette's ability. In the beginning I suffered super irritation, but with a bit of refinement I have seemingly found my groove.
Merkur Classic w/ Merkur blades
Vulfix #2197
Taylor's Lavender mixed with Proraso
(Lavender scent and cool feeling wrapped in one package)
Thayer's Rose WH
Gillette Aristocrat razor
AOS shave brush
Provence Sante shave soap
Harris Milk
Lalique Equus EDP

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Austin said:
Art, I usually snap 2 pics of every SOTD.

One for each site usually? When I have the time to take a pic, I usually have to make two or at least save the best one as "best for web" for the other forum and keep the original for B & B.
This morning's mess:
Merkur Futur with a Feather
Simpson Chubby 2
Truefitts Ultimate Shave, etc.
Trumper's Skin Food
Nancy Boy's Cooling Gel
Kiehls Moisturizing Facial Fuel Gel
(Just realized I forgot to put on cologne, something I rarely forget to do!)

Also, I decided today to stop using the Feather blades... They're great and close, but just too cutty for me. In the parts where I get closest, I get just as close with a Merkur in my Futur (which is to say DAMN BBS close), so why suffer the blood? There is no reason, that's correct. So, soon enough, I will have most if not all of the Feathers out of my shave closet.
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