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SOTD "FREE WEEK" November 11th - November 17th, 2019

SOTD, Monday, November 11th, 2019

Shower at gym + glycerin soap face lather and rinse
Penhaligon's English Fern shave cream
Mason Pearson badger brush
Feather Artist Club folding shavette + Softguard blade
Cool washcloth rinse
Penhaligon's English Fern cologne

Very nice!!!

Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA
SOTD - 2019.11.11 (Veteran’s day)
Growth: 24 h
Brush: ŌKU Botiho by P&P- 25mm two band high density
Soap: B&M Cool
Razor: Rex
Blade: Gillette yellow
Post: lather face wash, alum, concoction (*), PAA mysterium serum
Passes: 2 - WTG (2.5), XTG (1)
Rating: 4.7/5

(*) witch hazle 50ml, 5ml glycerin, tea tree (10), Argan (25), bergamot (10), pachuli (5), menthol crystals - (drops)

Still dialing in the Rex. With this setup it gave me a nice overall shave though the alum block was a bit vocal in some areas under the chin.
Raiding the cap do make a difference. Though it is a bit odd finding the angle.
Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shave Cream
Art of Shaving in Fine Badger
Merkur 42C "1904" Closed Comb
Gillette 7:00 Yellow (1)
Osma Alum Block
Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods
Art of Shaving Kingsman Bourbon Balm
Dolce & Gabbana The One

Soap: Proraso Green
Brush: Simpson Special Pure Badger
Razor: Gillette Super Speed
Blade: Shark Platinum
Aftershave: Razorock American Barber


Monday NOvember 11

No Repeat (mostly) NOvember. Up today is a Henckels Rapide with a GEM blade and a wedge adapter.

Bowl/Scuttle - Simpsons mug
Soap - Williams
Brush - Rubberset 200-4
Blade - GEM SS SE (2) w/wedge adapter
Razor - Henckels Rapide
Post Shave - OSMA Pierre alum, Furbo Blu A/S

Shave rating 5 of 5

First time using this wedge adapter with a SE blade; seemed to work well. I did a two pass shave today, the first pass, WTG, was excellent. No irritation. The second pass, XTG, was excellent as well, finishing BBS. The Willliams shave soap did an ok job but I needed to re-apply it several times during my second pass as it was drying up on my face. The alum was a little vocal again on one side of my neck but that was it. Finished up with the Furbo Blu A/S.

Happy NOvember and great shaves everyone.
IMG_1096.jpeg IMG_1099.jpeg
Veteran's day shave

Shower with Saponifico Varesino Felce Aromatica
Razor Timeless Bronze..38 solid bar
Blade Personna med prep or lab blue 2
Brush Stirling finest 24mm
Soap and aftershave Saponifico Varesino Felce Aromatica

First time using this soap and aftershave. Very nice. And they delivered several samples of their other aftershaves which I found very cool. Not digging these new personnas in the blue wrapper.

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Monday in the morning (11/11/2019)
- Floid oil, pre
- Mitchell's wool fat
* Vie-Long, 1674, best badger.
* Wade & Batcher, 1/4 hollow, Shefield.
* Myrsol: Plastic shave y Emulsion
Razor: Gillette C1 Red Tip TTO/Gillette 7 O'clock Sharpedge (Yellow)
Brush: M&F Ocean Mist Emillion with 28mm Finest badger knot
Soap: Grooming Dept. Tentazione
Aftershave: Aqua Velva (Spain)

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SOTD 11/11/2019

Rating: 5 / 5

Blade: SUPER IRIDIUM Extra Stainless
Brush: FOROAFEITADO Edición Especial 2017 cerda
Pre-Shave: Agua caliente
Lather: VALOBRA Stick
Aftershave: VARON DANDY
Additional Care:
SOTD - Another bargain shave
Lather: Albus Palmira Serbian shave soap
Razor: Spilo Magic shavette w/ Gillette Silver Blue blade
Post: Aqua Velva Ice Sport A/S splash

Tuesday SOTD


Razor: OneBlade GENESIS
Blade Feather FHS (D2)
Brush: Thater /TSN LE beehive 26mm x 55mm
Bowl: Doug Smith 5"
Pre-Shave Scrub: Ginger Garden Enigma
Pre-Shave Balm: Chatillon Lux Lavender
Shave Soap: L&L Grooming After the Rain
Balm: L&L Grooming After the Rain
Aftershave: Extro Florentia

Soap: ETHOS|OLEO Dragonsbeard
Brush: WOLF WHISKERS Plisson Synth

The last three shaves have been exactly the same setup, a now beautifully worn in Omega 49, paired with arko and a well used feather, and what a beautiful combination they make. I really think slickness plays a big role not only in minimising irritation, but in extending the blade lifespan too. My theory is because it reduces the friction, super slick soaps minimise blade wear.

The last 3 shaves were number 33, 34 and 35 on this blade, and its really weird because performance dropped off a lot last week and just when i was about to replace the blade, it got better, buttery smooth, im pretty sure ill be able to beat my 45 shave record with this blade, but ill have to see because the second it starts tugging im replacing it.

Razor: Wilkinson sword tto
Brush: omega 49
Soap: arko shave stick
Blade: feather hi-stainless (33,34,35)
Aftershave Balm: prep

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SOTD : 12th November 2019.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ Nivea Men Power Fresh Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap.

Brush: Omega 10051.

Face Lather.

Soap : Proraso Sensitive.

Blade: Gillette 7'0 Clock SharpEdge.(1)

Razor: Parker 87R.


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade Lavender + Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Mixture./ Dana ~ English Leather ASL.

Cien ~ Aloe Vera Body Lotion.


Early morning shave.

Everything in my shave set up worked together excellently this morning,resulting in a wonderfully smooth 3 pass + pick ups near bbs shave with no errors to report.

Finishing to the shave off with a generous dollop of Cien ~ Aloe Vera Body Lotion.

My face is feeling super smooth & smelling devine.;)

Enjoy your day, ladies & gentlemen.:cool:

Date:- 12 November 2019

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- WCS Two-Tone Tall (Blue & White) Extra Dense Synth. 26/56mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Barrister & Mann ~ Cheshire
Razor/Blade:- Fatip Testina Gentile Close Comb / Astra Superior Stainless #1
Post/After-shave: T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20), Tea Tree Antiseptic (10) & Peppermint (10 drops)
Fragrance:- Tommy Hilfiger for Men