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SOTD "FREE WEEK" April 12th - April 18th, 2021

Sunday shave


Prep: Cleansing Story White Clay foam
Soap: Saponificio Varesino Manna di Sicilia
Brush: Karve
Razor: Gillette fat handle Tech, #2
Blade: Astra SP, #2
Post: alum -> hyaluronic acid -> Lucky Tiger

Two passes with neck touch-ups for an all around DFS with no feedback. Close and comfortable. And fast--it's easy to toss the Tech around.


Hey, Jeff. I've got Stirling's Obsidian shave soap, a glacially mentholated version of Black Ice. Beware face-lathering the glacially mentholated Stirling Soaps. Awesome as they are, you'd better like menthol a whole lot. It's quite a kick! Bowl-lathering will tone them down a bit and even out any menthol concentrations within the soap.
I’ve also got the Obsidian (Reminds me of my Italian Grandmother’s Anisette Cookies), and yes, I‘m a confirmed menth head, Rap, but I do prefer the Electric Sheep. I really like tallow soaps, and Electric Sheep checks all the boxes for me. I learned years ago from Cryogen that face-lathering highly mentholated shave soaps is a big no-no! Thanks for the heads-up! I’m a confirmed bowl lathere.

All the best,

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