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SOTD Contest 24.01.11 through 30.01.11 - Vote for your favorite

Pick your favourite

  • Hot Mess

  • Rusty Tomorrow

  • Green Grin

  • Artful Vegetal

  • Genuine Roo

  • Wooden Progression

  • An International Affair

  • Afternoon Delight

  • Bells in the Moonlight

  • Dubl Turtle

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Some of you will remember the SOTD comps we have had previously - well, theyre back! This weeks top 10 has been hand selected from an amazing pool of entrants in last weeks SOTD thread. My lovely assistant (aka SWMBO) helped me choose and was suitably impressed by all.

The winner of this weeks vote, open for 1 week, wins the supurb prize of their weight in LV, or a genuine, warranted, certified cast iron, organic, hand made B&B custom title.

Only one picture per member, even though some guys could have nearly filled it by themself so if you dont post in the SOTD threads (im guilty of often not), why not click a photo of what youre using, and get in the running for a CT... at the very least, enjoy the razor porn and let your AD senses tingle. Lets make next weeks top 10 even harder to pick.

And now, for this weeks awesome entrants, in order of number of times theyve been beaten last minute by a mystery ebay sniper:

Hot mess

Rusty tomorrow

Green grin

Artful Vegetal

Genuine Roo

Wooden Progression

An International Affair

Afternoon Delight

Bells in the moonlight

Dubl turtle

-if you want LV as your prize, you will have to buy it all yourself, and then youre gonna get a CT about how you went and bought your weight in LV, which you would never live down
-you dont get to choose your own title
-if you already have one, it will change unless we really like the one you already have
-Art is, and shall ever be, king.
Thank you very much for selecting a picture of mine! It's a pleasure and an honour to be among such valorous contenders! :blushing:
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