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Soap Smooth Shaving Soaps

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I'm in constant use five soaps from this manufacturer.
Excellent soap and great flavors !!!
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These are good slick soaps. I like the Versailles scent and SWMBO as appropriated the cranberry one they did for the holidays. Other reviews might be under their old name, Seifenglatt.
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Could someone give the website for these soaps.
Thanks anyway, I have found the website.
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I've heard of them but haven't had the pleasure of trying them yet. Heard from several Montpillear is excellent grapefruit and cedar scent with ylang ylang in it. Would be very interested to know what soap smooth is comparable to? (i.e.-CB, TOBS, etc)?
Maggards have samples of soap smooth. I ordered a couple. Their scents are pretty good and the soap performed very well.
I have a travel size Krampert's Bay Rum Acadian Spice Soap. It smells great! I haven't shaved with it yet, though. You guys are tempting me though! I'm trying to stay consistent with my set-up right now, so I'll post back later after I actually get it wet. (Do you folks have any idea how many things I've bought and never even tried in the last 10 months? :blushing: )
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