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Soap recommendations?

The best advice is always... try them all! But, I will vote for Tabac, Cella (and any RazoRock soap), Mitchell's Wool Fat, whatever Stirling variety suits you. Sticks: Palmolive Classic, Arko, La Toja. So many soaps, so little time!
Just got a puck from Cold River Soap Works....Larry is an Artisan from NY and his soaps were highly recommended by members of another forum.
Tried it out this AM...Great performing latherer. Very nice scent...I bought the Classic Fragrance #1
The "Classic" is the Tallow and the "Original" is Vegan. Take a peek
Big plus 1 on Cold River - another awesome performer for a relatively small price. In addition to them (and obviously RazoRock and Stirling), I would suggest Catie's Bubbles, Barrister & Mann, Tiki, Maggard's, and Strop Shoppe. That should get you started, haha. If you like creams too, KnockOut Shave is the best cream I've ever used. And if you're lucky enough to get a puck of Jim's Wet Shave Obsession - jump on it!
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