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Soap Container Seal

Went to Target and bought a set of glass containers with plastic caps - not sure what brand. At any rate, they are an okay size for soaps, which is what I bought them for. So far I have two soaps safely stored inside the bowls. BUT, I cannot get the plastic lids to stay on the bowls! They seem a bit small, and no manner of twisting, torquing, pulling, whathaveyou will make them seal. My question is, is this a problem for the "safe" storage of my soap?
Soaps are fine if left unsealed. They might lose scent a little faster, but should perform just as well. If anything, sealing soaps that haven't had ample time to dry can cause more trouble than not sealing them in the first place.

EDIT: I should say that I prefer to seal, or at least cover my soaps. If the lids the containers came with aren't to your liking, pick up a roll of Glad "Press n' Seal". That's what I use for containers with no lid.
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+1 on what Andy said. I don't think it is necessary to have an air-tight seal, but a lid in general isn't a bad idea, so I wouldn't worry too much.

I use these glass sugar bowls that come with lids (not air-tight seals) that I pick up from Wal-Mart for about $2 a piece. I then take the soaps and grate them and press them into the containers so they fit perfectly. I haven't had any problems yet. Good luck and happy shaving!!:thumbup1:
All my soaps are in plastic containers with silver metal baskets, non air tight, helps to give the bathroom that freshly just shaved in smell!
The only soap I seal is in my travel tin, and that is dried out as much as possible before closing and is opened when I get to my destination.
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