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So you talked me into it

I enjoy different flavors and different blends more during other seasons.

Warm flavors during cold weather (I enjoy Carter Hall and English blends more in the fall and winter). That being said, I am smoking a lot of more "savory" (?) flakes like Irish Flake, Aged Burley Flake and Sunday Picnic now than ever. I don't know. Perhaps my tastes are just evolving as I move along this journey...hard to say.
So I tried the cherry cav with some cubed burley. That really helped! A little more burley next time and I'll be there. That was what I was hoping for, hints of sweet cherry without being smacked in the face by it with all the grace and finesse of a 2x4. I think with a little more fiddling with the ratios it'll be darn pleasant on a warm muggy evening.

I'm glad I'm not the only one nodding to the weather. Or the mood the weather puts me in. Or whatever it is. It kind of mashes me want to put a few ounces of a good Virginia away for a few months. I can see the light citrus flavors being a real treat when the summer sun bears down like an angry pagan god.
I did something very foolish last night. Mrs. Rookie and I shared a bottle or two of wine. I'm not much of a drinking man, and a cold beer with dinner and 4 glasses of wine and I was feeling pretty good when I had some Stokkebye English Luxury out of the MM Eaton. I inhaled quite a bit. Not enough to really bother me, but enough to notice. I blame that for an upset stomach in the wee hours this morning.