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Smart Helix

This is the website and the .50 Caliber handle (made in Canada) can be purchased. The razors are all pre-order and are made in the Ukraine. It will probably take longer until it is delivered but you don't pay until it is ready to ship. You have to go on their website and read everything and then decide.

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In July of this year I've received an email from Smart-Helix that they are resuming their work and they are accepting pre-orders. I've made my pre-order on the same day and a few hours later, I've got an email from confirming my pre-order.

After two months of waiting, I've decided to contact them and see how things are going, but I didn't get a reply and since then I'm waiting and I have no clue what's going on and I've decided to ask around if someone wants to part with his Smart-Helix Apollo razor, but I will still pay for my pre-order, if they contact me that is.
All I can say and I'm in contact with S-H is things are proceeding slowly. They've had to move from their original city because of the bombing and things are difficult at best. They may contact you at some point but it's ok to email them again. I'm also the guy who makes the .50 caliber handles for S-H.
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