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Slim help: uneven blade exposer

About a week ago I got my first DE razor. Been going ok, a few problems that I attributed to inexperience. But in the last few days I've realized that one side shaved better than the other. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the blade exposure was uneven on both sides. The pictures were taken at setting 4, What I usually shave at. At 1, the narrow side is just about touching. Is this normal, is this Ok, or is there a way to fix it? I can still return it if this is something to worry about. I know about how you loosen it when adjusting, and how to tighten it properly, so if it was that it wasn't from me.



Edit: crap, I had to spell exposure wrong in the title :(
You say that the other side looks fine?
If so, then it's probably a bent safety bar.
If it looks the same on both sides, then it could be two bent safety bars, or something more serious.

edit: ok, now I see both pictures. Looks like both sides have a problem.
the 'more serious' things I mentioned include a bent shaft/blade bar, bent bottom plate or bent adjustment plate. These last two are unlikely, but I've had a bent bottom plate before so it does happen.
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Ok, so its something I should talk to the seller about? They are off on the same side, though one not as much. Keep in mind the right side in the first picture is the left side on the next, because the razor is turned over.
I had a similar situation with a Slim and found I was constantly getting poor shaves and a raw feeling remaining for hours after shaving.

You can repair the problem but it's not always successful, remember the safety bar is relatively soft and can be made worse by a repair that goes wrong.

Personally I would contact the seller and discuss the problem, see what they are willing to offer and give them a chance to resolve the issue.
For me as long as you're careful try the repair and if that doesn't fix it talk to the seller but I think after this ammount of time they would be very reluctant to refund. Best of luck. :001_smile
Thank you people. Seller offered to reimburse with return shipping included. Think I'll do that, rather than try to fix it and possibly break it.
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