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Skin food?

i'm still waiting on mine in the mail. i heard it was some great stuff. i'll be sure to repost after i give it a go.
I am very fond of GFT Skin Food in Coral and Sandalwood. I have not tried the Limes but I would assume that it is a fine product as well. A 100 ml bottle should be about $25.00 and last a very long time so I think that it is a good value.

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Any thoughts on Trumpers lime skin food? Is it worth $40?

I have fairly sensitive skin and the Lime was the first AS product I ever bought. Eventually I acquired all three and, while I like the Lime, I prefer the Coral and Sandalwood. Performance is the same in my opinion, it is simply the fragrance that differs.

If you do not like it, I am fairly certain someone will buy it from you off the BST.
I cant comment on the Lime but I can on the Sandlewood.

Its decent, but imo there are better shaving related things to spend $40 on. I find a good aftershave balm does the same job.

When my bottle of sandlewood runs out I wont be rushing out for another. Its a nice product to have, for completeness but definitely not essential.
IMO it is worth 40 bucks, but I think you can get it cheaper than that can't you?

Look at amazon.com... seems like it should be in the 25 dollar range, unless you're after the giant bottle.

EDIT - amazon has some for $28 shipped.


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The latest I've heard is that the sampler pack from Trumper's no longer sells samples of skin food and no longer honors requests for skin food samples either. Barclay Crocker does do one however but it is more expensive.

Bummer, it was a good sample pack...
Yes, all varieties of Trumper's Skin Food are worth it (should be about $25 per 100 mL bottle).

I have the coral and lime, I like them but I would spend $40 on the standard aftershave balm from the gentlemen's refinery instead of the skinfood.
Spotted this on the GQ website and had to post it!

Skin food is great stuff, very subtle - it's got a little bit of alcohol and menthol, and lots of glycerine, so it's good for sensitive skin. Too much can make your skin greasy though, so take a small drop and spread it out with a splash of water.
Im not a big fan. I have tried a lot of samples.

Not worth $40, maybe half that and I would consider it. The scent doesnt last and it doesnt feel better on my face than anything else. I'm more of a splash guy myself though.
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