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[Site Upgrade] Chat Now Available

Howdy all,

This is just to let you know that chat is now available, and can be accessed here. There is also a Chat button at the top of the page.

This chat system is a java program that uses the very popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. If you have your own IRC program, you are free to use that to connect to the Badger & Blade chat.

The IRC server is: irc.efnet.info and the room is #BadgerAndBlade.com

Hopefully soon we can start having scheduled chats.

Happy chatting,

Oh, quick fyi, because IRC uses a different port than the port used by webpages, some companies' firewalls will block this port and not allow you to connect. Please PM me if you experience this problem.


Edit: Here are some pictures to get you fired up for chatting (A 1920s style phone, a can on a string, and several birds on a wire): :biggrin:
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