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Simpson Colonel 2XL or Vie-Long BG2012 LE Horse/Badger Mix

Hi all,

Need to make a decision on one to get as I'm torn between the 2. Currently using an Omega 10275 Boar and looking to add another to rotate my brushes. Looking forward to making the purchase soon. Thanks.
I have the Colonel and the BullGoose LE in bleached horse (50% mane / 50% tail hair).

IF there was to be only one it would be The Colonel....then the BG LE a week later. The Simpson Best hair is outstanding and will provide you a complete change from what you are using currently.

The Colonel at West Coast is $65, less the 10% with the discount code BANDB. Then dump some more into your cart to save on shipping.

Next payday - get the BG LE 2012 in horsehair because you know you need it
I guess the masses have spoken and it'll be the Colonel. :lol:

Is there a difference between the Somerset era vs the newer production. Is there one which I should go for instead of the other? Thanks.
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