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Shumate 30 5/8 spike or a Torrey 5/8 spike

Are these good 2nd razors?

I have a DA (6/8 round) now and I don't have any problems with it except the scales and I have someone who is going to re-scale it for me. Should I get a wapi next? Someone told me to get a 5/8 blade next and also suggested I go with a spike. Just asking about this one. Also I have found a torrey 5/8 spike in bone scales I think is very cool. I am open to some suggestions.
TBH if youre going fine with a DA then you can pick up any blade at all and shave with it. The spike point will take a little getting used to, but basically pick the blade that you want more.

You know how to use a straight now - no size/point/grind is off limits. The world is your shave den!
... Is that good? Do you mean inexpensive? What makes a razor cost more anyway? I know the scales made out of ivory or something would make it cost more, but what makes the steel in a Shumate worth less than the steel from europe?

One day I will go get me a r.williams razor but until my business really picks up I cannot justify the cost.

I guess what I am really asking is....

I have heard people say "this razor is smooth or this one shaves better"

When I ask if these are good for a second razor? I am really looking for a smooth shaving razor. I want to stay within the $80 range and still get a good looking sweet shaving blade that I will not be embarrassed to have. I have read that both of those brands make good shavers.

Can anyone verify this with experience?
I have a Shumate and it is one of my best shavers out of about 50 straights, they and Torreys are good brands just a little cheaper to purchase then say a W&B but honed up right they both shave great.
They are both made in the USA and American steel does not receive the fuss that some others do.

Not withstanding the buzz, made in the USA razors are excellent shavers and economic deals. That means "more bang for the buck" than some of the big names.

I've had Torrey, Clauss, Shumate, Union, Waterville, and several other flavors of US razors. While some are more light weight than others, and in many cases not as ornate, they have all been excellent shavers. It would be hard to go wrong with either razor you are considering.
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