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Shaving stick tube

Hi all I wanted to know if there are any places I can buy a shaving stick tube/holder i want to buy one from an Aussie seller,but I don’t know of any that sell them can people help me out with websites that do sell them?


The Aussie Bulldog
Google Aussie soap supplies. They have a website and seem to have empty wind up soap dispensers plus other stuff that might take your fancy.
You can recycle push-up tubes sold with travel deodorant. Usually the label just peels off, leaving a plain tube. The push-up tubes are better than the ones that have a screw post, simpler and more durable, plus they hold more product.


Moderator Emeritus
This is the way it was done in the army.

Get a film canister (remember those?)
Cut a finger sized hole in the bottom.
Drop in a 20c piece.
Unwrap the shave stick and cut down to the length of the canister.
Wet the bottom of the soap and pop it in.

The soap will stick to the 20c, so to use just push on the coin from the bottom to reveal the soap, face lather, and the soap will drop back into the canister when you are done. Easy as.
I just discovered the GSL forum!

Anyway, I have a bakelite tube shave brush and soap pair set that came with a vintage 7'0Clock (Gillette New) travel set. However I didn't actually want to risk this set when travelling so I re-purposed an old set of Ikea salt and pepper shakers. They are simple stainless stele tubes with lids with holes that form the letters S and P. The S obviously now stands for soap. I drilled a few extra holes to change the P to a B so this is now this canister is for a small brush. The extra holes assist with better ventilation.

I also have another soap canister I bought online from China. If you look up salt and pepper shakers you should see a range of stainless steel canisters used for various condiments. One size is just right for soap sticks and fortunately have no brands or markings. I polished mine to a mirror shine and you would never know it was a salt shaker.
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