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Shaving Nirvana

I think I reached shaving Nirvana tonight. A Dovo Barbarossa, honed and finished on a Belgian coticule (I think I got a good one), Stirling Sheep shaving soap, Stirling Unscented pre-shave oil, and a Spode porcelain mug that I got a really good deal on at Macy's--$10 after discounts and coupon codes. A 20 oz mug). And a Razorock chubby silver tip brush in olive wood. The razor was stropped on clean cotton canvas and horse hide. No pastes or sprays or balsa wood.

I think, for me, this is the this setup that will last me a while. the most comfortable shave I've ever had, and I was able to do 3 passes and touchups with no irritation, and its about as close as I ever get. Really happy with this.

Oh, and even though this razor honed on the coticule is very gentle and forgiving, I can trim the length of my beard with it too--so it also does the tree-topping thing...

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