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Shaving Gallery (Awesome Cream)

Joel I hope you are ok me using your format to me its a great system and I added a few items. I also posted this review on shavemyface.com.

Rating Scale 0-10 (10 being the best)

Packaging - 10
Quality - 10+
Scent - 10+
Efficacy - 10+
Moisturizing properties – 10+
Drag/Closeness - 10
Web Site - 9 (Easy to find products)
Customer Service – 10+
Knowledge of supplier- 10+

Steps Followed / Products Used:

* Washed face with hot water
* Applied Pre-Shave Oil
* Applied Lather (2-3 Pass)
* Applied A/S (Face was wet)

Instruments Used:

* Merkur Progress Razor
* Mach 3 Razor, Bic, Mach 3
* Badger Brush

Shaving Gallery cream lathered extremely easy and went on the mug wet smooth and effortlessly but was not runny. Reminded me of 3-T's as for as look and texture. However, that is where the similarities ended. I used a pinch of the cream (very little) per shave. The scents were lasting and invigorating, but not overwhelming. The moisturizing properties where simply the best that I have used. Cream left my face feeling like I just received a facial every time I shaved. I did use the A/S and it to was great, but to be honest my face felt so good after the shave the A/S was just icing on the cake.
The Shave:
I received the closest most comfortable shaves since using this cream. Whether using a Merkur Progress or a plastic Bic all razors slid across the face effortlessly without any irritation. I received a tremendous shave including the jaw line which I had not been previously able to achieve any type of closeness with other products. The majority of my shaves where done in 2 passes, which saved me some time in the morning with kids and a long commute it was welcomed. If ingredients matters and it does to me this product is simply outstanding.
Customer Service:
Tremendous customer service! Lauren is the owner and is one of best people that I have talked with when it came to understanding wet shaving she really new her stuff and the shaving market and was not pushing her products.

This is a long winded note but I wanted to share with the forum what an awesome product Lauren has. http://www.shavinggallery.com/


Excellent detailed review Frederick!

Thanks for the recommendation. It's nice to know when good products are also backed up by good service, as while not the most important factor, to me, it's still a major one.

I have tried their hydro glide cream (head cream). It lathered well and shaved well. I didn't care for the smell too much though (mild but not a scent that I care for).

My only complaints/gripes about the shaving gallery is that I think their products are overpriced. $25 for 4 ounces of cream is a bit much. You can get AOS cream which is 5 ounces for $22 and is a well known store. IMHO no matter how good your products are I don't think you should have high prices if you are a local shave shop/store. Also you can purchased Trumpers or TOBS cream for less money and you get a variety of scents.

My other complaint is their prices for their services. They don't even use a straight razor or safety razor. Just cartridges.

Sorry I don't mean to gripe about them. The creams seem like they work well but should be priced at $10-15 not $25 in my opinion.
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