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    We just spent the last 10 days adjusting the scent levels of Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream! We listened and opted for a stronger fragrance level and all of the stock has been adjusted and the sample packs offered now represent what we are currently selling. We worked day and night on hundreds of tubs and shaving packs to get this done so hopefully you will be happy with the new scent levels.
  1. I have been meaning to order a sample pack ever since the last time they went on sale. I missed it of course but I think I might pull the trigger now. Also interested in trying your hard soap.
  2. Just curious on if that change is for all of the products you ship from today or earlier? I just got a tub of Bay Lime yesterday and it's perfectly fragrant.

    Do it. You know you want to.
  3. I know.
  4. I sent you a message regarding your order. All orders shipping from today onward of both Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream and Shaving Cream Sample Pack will be the more fragrant products.
  5. I ordered 2 samplers and found most to be too light with the exception of Hesperide. So I ordered some soap pucks amd found them to be more strongly scented bs the cream. It's good the hear the "dosage" was bumped on the creams, I may have to pick some up
  6. I just used Hespéride for the first time today after ordering it a while back. Wow! Subtle but insistent. And this was from before the adjustment.
  7. I've gone over everything again and added Spiced Bay to the list and began working on that yesterday. I've added Lavender to the list even though my Tester container seemed fine and should get to that in the next day or so. Hopefully that should cover it!
  8. We're about done now! The Spiced Bay is complete and the Lavender is also available now at a stronger scent level. I'm working on another purchase option for the Shaving Cream so stay tuned!
  9. Everything is complete and all of the Stone Cottage Shaving Creams have had their scents adjusted that needed it. We'll be putting up the new purchase options for the Shaving Cream in the next few days and I'll let you know when they are ready for purchase!
  10. I got my sample pack of creams yesterday and can't wait to try each of them, some of the scents are heavenly.
    I used Hespéride for the first time this morning and love it, I can still smell the aroma now ten hours after shaving.
    Tomorrow I think I will use the coconut sandalwood or may be Fougère, Decisions Decisions!
  11. I'm glad to hear that they have worked so well for you! I think the word is slowly getting around that we did our best for our customers by increasing the scent level on all of our Stone Cottage Shaving Premium Shaving Cream so it is nice and strong for those for whom a strong, lasting scent is an important part of their day! More scents are in the works!

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