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Shaving brushes that I use and display

These are brushes that I use and display.


L to R: G. Lorenzi Staghorn incl razor handle and bowl/Edwin Jaeger/Simpson CH2 super/Simpson pure/ Simpson travel Best cased/Eveready travel cased/Simpson Best/Vintage Tiffany sterling silver travel/Kent/Tiny Century Tourist/Plisson European Grey/Plisson HMW Horn/Plisson Grey/Saybrook Best?/Generic pure/Waterford(part of set incl razor and bowl/Big Rooney? best


Rooney Best/Rooney Super/Simpson Real Ivory silvertip rebristled by Shavemac/Sterling Silver travel tube/Real Ivory silvertip rebristled by Shavemac/Titterton Bone Super.

Holy cow ! Great collection, I showed it to SWBO.....she had one word; 'excessive' and walked away, looks like I'm now officially off the hook for a while. Thanks.

ps; I hope you enjoy them all. I especailly like the staghorn bowl - who's manufacturer is that one?
Thanks Steve. I was real interested in that bowl.....'till I saw the price :scared: Whoa.......... I'd love to but.......
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