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Shaving Bowl

I was looking at a few on eBay and then remembered a guy that used to teach me 20 years ago at school had opened his own business making pots, plates and anything clay related. I facebooked him and he is making me a bespoke shaving bowl. I want it 6inches wide and 5 deep, big bowl, with a handle on it. He is making it in cream and green and will lok very regal/royal when he's finished it,

I will post some pics when it arrives. Aprox 5 weeks he said. I am even having my name on it, how very pretentious. I must say I am rather looking forward to it.

On another note I went into my local old style chemist today and they always have a rage of good shaving stuff in. The shelves were empty, she said she didn't know what was going on. All of a sudden over the past 4 weeks folks have been going mad buying DE razors as fast as she can get the stock. Soaps, gone, brushes 1 left, creams balms and razors all gone. She doesn't know if there had been some kind of programme on TV or not but has sold more DE gear in the past month than in the last 20 years the shops been open.

The word is spreading guys!


Just thought I would share them with you

you sure you want it 5" deep? that seems really really really deep

Well what I normally do is buy my soaps loose, without a plastic or wood bowl. So they are about 1inch to 2 inch deep. I will put the soap in the bottom of the new bowl and make a lather like that. In effect a 5" deep bowl will become a 3" one as the bottom is taken up by the soap.

What I didn't want is a bowl where the shaving soap flies out of it when whipping up a lather.

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