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Share your best/favorite superlathers

I'm only about 6 weeks into lathering with a brush, so I'm not exactly an expert, but I have found that the combination of VDH Deluxe and any T&H cream makes the most wonderful imaginable lather. For some reason I didn't get the same "Wow" factor with VDH Deluxe plus Proraso; almost didn't seem any better than Proraso by itself.

But pair the VDH Deluxe with a T&H cream, and :w00t:

Tell us the superlathers that work best for you!
VDH Deluxe and Proraso
Pirates's Cove Coconut Soap and SCS Coconut Cream, afterwards SCS Coconut Aftersahve milk
VDH Deluxe and Clubman Club Lather
In honor of the warming weather, I will cast my vote for a Proraso/Kiss My Face Unscented cream superlather. For those who find Proraso to be a little too chilling, or if you like the feeling but your sensitive skin reacts badly to it, mixing it with the KMF helps take some of the edge off while retaining some of the cooling sensation. Also, I think the KMF helps add a binding, thickening quality which I cannot achieve using Proraso alone. Has anyone else used this combo?
Conk's Amber and TOBS Almond....Amazing stuff!

Conk's Amber with Proraso green tub isn't bad either...but not necessary. Its almost overkill in terms of slickness
Cremo Cream + Tabac soap (or just about any other tallow based soap)

This combo = always flawless results

I've used that combo, and yes, it shaves great. Indeed it do.

That sounds like a really funky smell.

Funky ... depending on your tastes.

The citrus smell of Cremo dominates during the shave. After you rinse, the aroma of Tabac is more noticeable.

The orange smell of Cremo is the one single complaint I have about this otherwise wonderful cream , but add it to Tabac, and the two together take on a whole new dimension.
Sounds strange but it works for me. classic shaving almond soap, Moroccan mud shave cream, and 2 or 3 drops of Dr. Bonner's almond.
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