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    Does anyone have an idea of the grit of this shapton stone?
    These are the only marks on it.
  1. 12K , I believe.
  2. Thanks I really appreciate the reply. I was hoping it might have been a 4000. I still cant believe it is not marked anywhere, I have it in the original case, but no markings that I can read.
    Thanks Again
  3. You can hone with it and then compare the scratch pattern to a known entity.
  4. I have an M5 12000 shapton ceramic whetstone that is butter yellow over white. It’s number says 210804.
  5. MO1


    You could maybe email shapton and ask?
    They should be able to check with the number you have. Or atleast I think so.
  6. Mine is butter yellow over white also. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Don't know why I didn't think of that, duh! Thanks for the reply, I'll see what they say.

  8. How is the m5 12k?
  9. It has worked well for me. At the onset, Ii had some trouble with deeper scratches not clearing during my progression, or else I may have had some cross contamination. At one point I wondered if this stone was responsible, but in the end, I concluded, and rightfully so I hope, that it was the cross contamination and not speciific to the Shapton.

    With some use and added experience, I was able to attain shave-able edges off of it as my end step, and yet I did purchase a hard ocean blue which seems to help refine edges further, then polishing on pasted strops further yet. I have a limited number of stones and experience in razor honing, so I am not the most wualified to evaluate it perhaps. It be the one to give a good qualified report on its value. I became more confident in my tools and ability once I got past that initial issue of keeping the scratches that are deeper than others at bay.

    Others here mention in wet/dry sanding and polishing, to make sure deeper scratches are gone before moving to the next grit. That may have been my issue. Employing that practice more cognitively, I haven't had the problem again. So in conclusion, no issues I can attribute to the stone, it works well in my routine now, and seems to be holding up well. Hope this helps.
  10. @Scarry Knight

    I was able to pick one up on the bay that was used 3-4 times for 28 dollars. I haven't received it. So any info is good info. Is it splash and go or soak

  11. I don’t recall their specific instructions. I just keep a spritzer bottle at hand and spray to wet them, let sit and may spray a couple times as I ready supplies, then spray as needed. I probably should study to see which ones require longer soaking.

    Perhaps someone else will chime in on this.

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