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Shapton Stone

Thanks I really appreciate the reply. I was hoping it might have been a 4000. I still cant believe it is not marked anywhere, I have it in the original case, but no markings that I can read.
Thanks Again
You could maybe email shapton and ask?
They should be able to check with the number you have. Or atleast I think so.
How is the m5 12k?
It has worked well for me. At the onset, Ii had some trouble with deeper scratches not clearing during my progression, or else I may have had some cross contamination. At one point I wondered if this stone was responsible, but in the end, I concluded, and rightfully so I hope, that it was the cross contamination and not speciific to the Shapton.

With some use and added experience, I was able to attain shave-able edges off of it as my end step, and yet I did purchase a hard ocean blue which seems to help refine edges further, then polishing on pasted strops further yet. I have a limited number of stones and experience in razor honing, so I am not the most wualified to evaluate it perhaps. It be the one to give a good qualified report on its value. I became more confident in my tools and ability once I got past that initial issue of keeping the scratches that are deeper than others at bay.

Others here mention in wet/dry sanding and polishing, to make sure deeper scratches are gone before moving to the next grit. That may have been my issue. Employing that practice more cognitively, I haven't had the problem again. So in conclusion, no issues I can attribute to the stone, it works well in my routine now, and seems to be holding up well. Hope this helps.
@Scarry Knight

I was able to pick one up on the bay that was used 3-4 times for 28 dollars. I haven't received it. So any info is good info. Is it splash and go or soak

I don’t recall their specific instructions. I just keep a spritzer bottle at hand and spray to wet them, let sit and may spray a couple times as I ready supplies, then spray as needed. I probably should study to see which ones require longer soaking.

Perhaps someone else will chime in on this.