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Semogue SOC - new favorite

OK, it's been about a week with my new Semogue SOC boar in cherry, and it is my new favorite brush.

Softness - the tips are very soft, with no scratchiness. It's not as soft as my Muhle silvertip fiber, but it is soft enough to be completely comfortable.

Backbone - really nice backbone, which is why I am a boar brush fan. Enough backbone for soaps, enough backbone that swirling on my face feels like a massage.

Lathering - it's a big knot (24 mm), so it lathers up my Stirling considerably faster than my B&B Essentials. I am a "lather on the puck" or bowl latherer, so the size matches up very nicely to my extra-wide tins.

Applying lather - it's a big knot. It's not nearly as precise (or small) as the B&B, but for slathering tons of slick lather all over my face it works great. I am someone who enjoys the feel of a large brush.

Handle - my only real complaint. It feels just fine, but I don't care for the look.

Cost - I paid under $30 from Vintage Scent with the online coupon (coupon code "foroafeitado"). Arrived in 2.5 weeks (1 week to shipping, 10 days roughly being shipped). In retrospect, I was impatient enough that I wished I had paid more to get it more quickly.

Initial "boar smell"/break-in - slight boar smell, not bad. Gone after several days although I haven't stuck my nose into the thing to check. Started out pretty soft and certainly useable, now at least as soft as my B&B and the tips are beginning to split. My only real break-in was for the first 2-3 days where, after I was done lathering with it, I let the lather sit and dry and didn't rinse it out until soaking the next morning.

In short - if you like boars (or haven't tried them) and like big brushes, get one.

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! I'm off to get ready for an early dinner at a colleague's so I don't need to cook. :thumbup1:
I have two SOCs and love them to death. One is from Vintage Scent - great dealer!
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I'm hooked on these brushes! I have 2, both with cherry handles. One from a PIF and one from the B/S/T.

I plan on taking the knot out of one of them and putting it in a vintage handle I really like.

I think everybody should have at least one in their den and would have no hesitation recommending these brushes to anyone.
I've got one too. I only have three brushes, the others are Simpsons Colonel and C&E in best. The SOC just gets better and better the longer I use it. I like the handle, the cherry is nice.
My SOC is the first "good" boar brush I own; I have had it about a month so it is not completely broken in but is coming along nicely. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a brush for bowl lathering.
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