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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Doc226, Jan 31, 2018.

    A month or so back I started a thread asking about Sebum Gold aftershave, seemed like no one had tried it.

    Here is the old thread
    Sē'bŭm Gold

    I decided to give it a try, I ordered it and anxiously awaited its arrival.

    Before I post my thought on the AS let me say I have ZERO connection to the company, I paid full price for the product.

    The product was shipped immediately and I received a tracking number later on that day, it arrived in 2 days from Boston, I live in Rhode Island so that would be about right.

    The packaging is perfect, second to none. The bottle is heavy with very nicely done labels and a wax seal.


    The ingredients are mostly oils

    The scent is woodsy, very mild but present, reminds of fresh sawdust much more than forest woodsy.

    I tore off the wax seal and found a nice spigot that dispenses one drop at a time, a nice feature given the price of SG

    At the next shave, I used 5 drops and ran out of product to cover the entire face, next shave I find that 6-7 works well to cover my face entirely.

    The immediate post shave feel is great, a little oily but not overly so, it gets absorbed quickly and the skin feels moisturized and not oily. A few hours later I would say the scent is mostly gone but the face feel is again smooth and still feels moisturized. I found myself faceturbating all day.

    I have run side by side trial using SG and other AS and the SG side always feels better. I have many, many, many (don't let my wife see this) aftershaves that include creams and splashes and I can honestly say it is the best AS i have used.

    Is it worth the $125 price tag? That is up to everyone to decide.

    I have done some rationalization, I had to justify the price.

    The bottle is 148ml, there are about 0.05ml per drop (google search), given I use 7 drops per application I am using 0.35mls I should get about 422 uses, so it works out to $0.30 a shave. More expensive than other aftershaves for sure, but heck, I am worth it.

    When you order you will receive updates and this morning I got an update and the SG is now selling for $75 + shipping, I ordered another bottle.

    Again I have ZERO connection to this company but I do find the product very much worthy and wanted to share.

    Thank you, gentlemen, for reading.
  1. Thanks for the review! Interesting product.
  2. In this instance it really is my pleasure.

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  3. Bhugo

    Bhugo Contributor

    I’m just excited to have learned a new word! Thanks for the review doc.
  4. An "epidermal ecosystem" that is "nano-batched"? Wow!!! (. . . I think :07:)
  5. Alfredo thanks for the great review, I have been looking and looking at this and was sitting on the fence due to the cost and it may have to wait a bit due to the strop I just ordered but I plan on clearing out some items so maybe I can cough up the coin, again thanks for the review.
  6. Great review! And to u caught me at peak ASAD, too. Aaaargh! Must...resist...poor...impulse..control!!
  7. Sale going on now for $75

    Just saying
  8. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    Just ordered a bottle. For $75 it's worth a try. Lord knows I've spent $75 worse ways. Thanks for the review @Doc226. You pushed me over the edge. :001_smile
  9. Please post your thoughts when you use it
  10. I also ordered 2 bottles and can’t wait to try it, pretty high for aftershave but from Alfredo’s review and other reviews it only takes a very small amount so should last for a while. I conversed with the maker and he’s presently haveing a so to speak Fire Sale and if you order now you will get it in the original Artisan bottle but once the bottles are gone there gone as he’s going to more cost friendly packaging so order up boys.
  11. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    Got mine today. I didn't shave, but I washed my face with a soap I knew would dry my face out. Applied about 7 drops and rubbed my into my face. It feels great. Scent was a very mild cedar/spice to me. Very nice and lasted about an hour. I have about 2 days growth and usually the whiskers on my neck will be itchy and prickly. I have none of that feeling 6 hours after using this. It's oily at first, but gets absorbed quickly. It's only one use, but so far it's two thumbs up from me. I'm looking forward to using it after shaving.
  12. Got my bottles in the mail so after tomorrow going to use it solely for a week to seek if there is a difference is my skin, has a very light wody scent and does not see greasy.

  13. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    Dang. I didn't get a sample of the Purple. Let me know what you think of the scent. I may have to get on the list. I've been using the Gold and really like it. Like Doc226, I find 6-7 drops works good for me. That covers my neck and entire face. Hope you like it as much as I do.
  14. It was a surprise to get the samples but sad to say the Mrs has already taken them, she told me that was my toll to the ferryman for getting the larger bottles of the gold
  15. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    Good for the Mrs.. Glad she keeps you on your toes. As it turns out, Rick from Sebum Gold read my post and got in touch saying he will send out a sample for me. My Sebum Gold experience just keeps getting better. :001_smile
  16. Any of you guys have B&M Wonderbalm for comparison purposes?
  17. I would also suggest this as a comparison as well. Omega Barberia Aquae Aftershave Serum.
    One small drop works wonders and your face is left feeling like silk, With all the Aftershaves, I have I feel it is the best, however the Sebum looks like it will be a purchase, thanks Alfredo
  18. David,

    Have never heard of it but the price seems very reasonable
  19. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I bought a bottle of Sē’bŭm Gold, and am very pleased. Until this winter, I never used a balm, salve or other moisturizer post-shave on my face. I appreciate my balms, but I don’t want to abandon my 130 or so alcohol splashes during the winter. Sē’bŭm Gold is the solution. I keep it at my office, and use it in the afternoon following an alcohol splash morning. It’s impressively moisturizing, as it’s nothing but oil, but leaves no long-lasting residue. I’m quite content with my (expensive) purchase.

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