Sebum Gold a Review

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Doc226, Jan 31, 2018.

    Very pricey but for the amount I choose to use the bottle will last a long time.
  1. pbrmhl

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    I chimed in on this stuff already, but I want to reiterate how pleasant it is. I’ve never used a product on my face that contains only oils. Before buying it, I had some concern about “greasiness”, and having skin outbreaks that I haven’t experienced since my teenage years, many decades ago. Neither concern was warranted, and the face feel and scent are impressive. On days when I use a splash in the morning, rather than a balm, my afternoon dose of Sē’bŭm Gold is very satisfying.
  2. It sounds like a nice product...but I do have some sticker shock.
    I'm hard put to see what makes this blend any more effective than using, say, just argan or jojoba oil (both of which I've used and like).
    I also just got a couple of good-sized bottles of apricot oil on sale at my local health-food store....also good for skin and hair.
  3. pbrmhl

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    I agree this stuff is expensive. My sense is that, regardless of your age, one 5 oz bottle will last your lifetime. I know it will last mine. As a philosophy major, I don't trust myself to make a home brew...

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