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My father has shared his wet shave addiction with me...

He started off innocently giving me "gifts". Fatboy, Feather, Vulfix, Merkur... After I started experimenting he started me down the darker path. Mike's Natural soaps, Provence... A straight razor... Now I'm making purchases.

I come here for guidance and support.

I'm not alone, and that makes me feel great.
Oh that's awesome! Wish I had first started out wet shaving, started out with an electric, what was I thinking...
Would you like guidance on what to purchase? Or how to avoid purchases? If it is the latter, I don't know that you've come to right place :lol:
I started with an electric for 4 years, then onto disposable Gillette whatever's for the next 10.

I'm so happy to be using my DE. Shaving is an event now, not an obligation.

I think I have enough stock in various things to last a year. I've got some of the classic soaps that I'll be using over the next year. I'll be honing my technique and decompressing from my soon to arrive twin boys.

I look forward to sharing and learning with you all.
I had a great shave today but waiting until tomorrow... c'mon! Where's the "performance enhancing drugs" thread to "grow beard faster"?
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