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Scuttle-ish mug w/no drain holes

Picked this up off of ebay; somewhat scuttle-ish but doesn't have the drain holes so I figured it could be used for soap or cream.

Ran $20USD + Shipping which seemed pretty reasonable.


Has a slight chip off the top corner of the handle (as pictured) but otherwise in good shape. The chiped section isn't sharp so it seems a relative non-issue.

More pics at:
Very interesting piece, how large is it? there is nothing to compare it to in the photo, are there any markings on it? and whats written on the end there?
Please post up when you try it out.
It's Geoff (the proper spelling ;)

It is sitting on a 2x4 (so the board under it is ~3.5")

The unit measures:
5.25" x 3.5" x 2.75" tall (excluding handle)
I.D. (Brush Area)
2.5" x 2.75" x 1.5" deep (tapering inward though)

The ends are pictured below (with labels)

It was actually the second one I have seen on ebay.

I got outbid on the first.

The first one I noted was just listed as an antique shaving mug. This one included some of the text from the ends in the auction details which is how I found it.

In design it seems similar to a Moss Scuttle so hopefully it functions ok. The brush area seems a bit small but my new C&E Best Badger fits well and I will certainly be able to at least keep the brush warm if not lather right in it.

With The Grain said:
now that's something i'd like to get my hands on, nice grab
I'm thinking chips and Cheez Whiz! A Nacho Holder!

Nice acquisition. It will be interesting to see how well it works!

Can't tell from the photo - Does the brush side have a false bottom. In other words, does the hot water flow under it, or is it just two side-by-side compartments?
The brush side is indeed 'floating' in the hot water.

Sorry the photo's were not more clear; looking at them now I can see that isn't obvious.
From just examining the unit I can't tell.

The ebay seller delt primarly in antiques but there was no indication of this items age.

It certainly looks mass produced so I expect there must be more floating around (I missed one other auction on ebay at the least).
Just reporting back on the mug.

The first time I used it I didn't really get the water in it hot enough so it seemed fairly ineffective.

I used it again today with hot water and then microwaved it for 30 seconds to get it pretty piping.

I got the brush lathered in a larger bowl and then moved it to the mug to keep it toasty.
Worked really well the second lather was actually hotter than the first.

Overall I am quite pleased with it seems to do the trick and I like the look.

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