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SCS Sandalwood Soap and Cream

Got two samples from Sue of Saint Charles Shave: a small dish with a soap patty and a small tub with some cream. This is her newly developed Sandalwood soap and cream. First, the scent is heavenly, and if you like sandalwood, like I do, you will enjoy this soap or cream.
I tried the soap first. It lathered up nicely and I had a good shave with it. I am not a soap guy, but this is one I will get eventually. The next day I tried the cream. Again, nice smell. I have one of her creams, the Bulgarian Lavender, and with this, as well as the new Sandalwood, I have a problem getting a thick, rich lather. What I produced was thin and had large bubbles in it, and I missed the cushioning effect other creams (and the soap I tried the day before) have.
I contacted Sue and let her know. She responded with an e-mail and gave me advise how to use this cream to get the desired thick, meringue-like, lather. So, the next time I use this cream, I will try her advise. She said her creams need a bit of work with the brush to get over the "bubbles" phase and then will get to the kind of lather we all like.
I hope she comes out with an Aftershave Milk in this scent. The Bulgarian Lavender ASM is my favorite after shave.
If you can, give the products from SCS a try - I know I will!
Nice review Rudy. I quite enjoy the scent of the new SCS Sandalwood, and found it easier to lather than my SCS Coconut soap (though both are acceptable). Once you get it right, the slickness and cushion is excellent!
I'll add my two cents worth to Rudy's comments. Sue was nice enough to send me samples of her new sandalwood soap and cream too. I've had a chance to try both of them a couple of times and the fragrance is very nice. It's a clear sandalwood scent without being sharp and astringent. At the same time, it isn't cluttered up with other fragrances that would compete for attention. It's creamy and there's a sweetness to it, but not too much. It's shaded with what I'd have to say a faint cocoa note. This isn't like the overwhelming gourmand fragrance of something like Angel. It's extremely subtle and understated. Of course, it goes without saying that both the soap and the cream give you a great shave. If you're a fan of sandalwood--or you want to be initiated in the mysteries of Mysore--you'll be happy to lather up with Sue's new Sandalwood.
Sue's products are great and the soaps and creams are fantastically slick. One thing to pay attention to is to use hardly any water compared to other soaps and creams. Soak the brush and flick it out - that should be enough water for a nice lather.
There's a virtually identical thread over in the shaving cream section. I wonder if one of the Mods could combine them?

Actually, it is the same, I got one sample of soap and one of the cream, but I was just too lazy to type twice.....getting too old - so I just copied and pasted it over - we have here the creams and the soaps in two different forums:frown:.
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