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Scored a Fatboy, Slim and a cool Pocket Edition

Stopped into a small town antique store yesterday and scored a couple of razors.
Couldnt say no to a $5 Fatboy and Slim

The Fatboy is dated F2 (one quarter off my birth year/quarter) and the Slim is dated H3
Here they are "as found"..

Here is the pouch that the Pocket Edition came in

A plain gold plated/brass case, the bottom part of the latch has come off the rivets and it does not stay closed

Bottom of the ABC style case

A very cool Canadian set, thin solid handle with a nut shaped end

Serial number PC 07441

The razors before cleaning

The Fatboy and Slim cleaned up nicely

And the Pocket Edition looks good after being cleaned and polished

Thanks for looking

Sled, i put it in the Wiki for you, it seems you are near top of list http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Gillette_Canada_Dating_Information?redirect=no

PC 56465646Pocketnone-ABCnonoThis could be ca. June 1909, because at that time Gillette Canada was filling its first large pocket edition orders and was having trouble producing patterned parts (cf Peterson, Neil P. Gillette Blade Canadian Edition, July 1918, p31). But it might also be earlier. Perhaps the Canadian serial numbers started in 1908, when the factory moved to St. Alexander Street?
PC 062276227Pocket-punched-downABCpatchnoThin-handled ball end, no stamping on bottom of guard plate, ABC-style cap studs, punched-down collar, latch-closure basketweave case w/ patent dates on bottom, gold Gillette diamond label [Porter].
PC 0744107441Pocketstandardpunched downABCpatchnoFrom B&B/sledog plain gold case ABC set razor has end handle nut design http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthr...Pocket-Edition
PC 075097509Pocketsmooth ball----Pocket edition with smooth ball and asymmetrical studs; basket-weave case with signature logo on underside and 1907 Russian patent: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthr...ette-Open-Comb
C 1028610286Single Ringstandard-bullet-noNumber on barrel.
Man, how come I never come across beautiful finds like these when I go to antique stores?? They cleaned up very nice.
Very nice finds. At least on the Fat Boy, it looks like even the black in the numbers is largely intact. Both the FB and the Slim look fantastic all cleaned up. The pocket edition also looks fantastic. I am normally not a fan of gold razors but something about the color of that razor makes it very attractive. It just looks classy and elegant.

Congrats on such good finds. I hope to spend the cooler fall/winter/spring months down here in San Antonio kicking around through some antique stores looking for my own finds. We tried one weekend this summer and it was just far far to hot to be enjoyable.
Glad you had a good shave with the Pocket Edition. I like the shave the Old Type razor heads give. The way it's designed, the blade is presented to your face differently and therefore the blade feels different to your face. The word I used to describe it was "stiff". But, once you get the right angle it gives a very good shave. Maybe not a smooth "I never felt the blade" type of shave, but a shave where you get direct feedback from the blade. The design is simple and they are beautiful razors.

I managed to acquire a 1921 Old Type plated in silver, which is my Grandfathers birth year, God rest his soul. I would love to find an empty pocked edition case in silver and then have the whole thing replated in his honor. I have another Old Type head that Krona Kruiser replated in nickel, so I can shave with that one regularly.

Again...really nice find and the condition of all those razors is just beautiful, but the pocket edition is the most special looking one you have, in my opinion. Someone obviously loved that razor and took care of it, but used it. That's the best kind of razor.
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