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Schick Krona - are there differences between Kronas?

Some Schick Krona razors have the word 'Schick' on one silo door and the word 'Krona' on the other door.

Some have the word 'Schick' on both silo doors.

Some have no words on the silo doors.

They all look the same when looking at them on websites (I don't own one) apart from some have a black tipped handle and some a metal tipped handle.

Is there any other difference?

Are there any known production years for the different words used on the silo doors?

They should all be pretty much shave the same. I don't think there are definitive dating methods for Schick razors.

Stubblefield is becoming the Krona expert and should have more information.
I have used several Kronas with different configurations and did not notice any differences in performance - a nice fairly mild and very smooth shave. I happen to like to balance and look of the version with a solid metal (as opposed to chromed plastic) knob and no markings on the outside of the doors.
Well from what I can gather there are at least two variations of Krona razor. The first is weight; Earlier versions (I believe) of the Krona had a metal TTO knob (2 different styles) and a slightly shorter profile TTO mechanism under the head, and weigh between 50 and 60 g. Most of these have no imprint on the silo doors, which are brushed metal, tho I have seen at least one of this style that had "Krona" imprinted on it. I'm pretty certain the metal knob versions came first, but I'm still working on dating the samples I have, so don't quote me. Most of these had a sticker that was glued to the bottom of the TTO knob.

The other versions have a plastic TTO knob and weight slightly less, generally 40g or so, and have different styles of silo door imprinting as well as finish. I have samples of these that have blank brushed metal silo doors, some that are smooth chrome with the Schick label, and others have Schick Krona imprinted on brushed metal silo doors.

I don't have any dating info on when they changed the silo door lettering, and am beginning to think that silo door styles are not necessarily progressive--they may have used all 3 concurrently, in different markets.

There is also at least one variation of the Krona made by Eversharp that has 'Eversharp' imprinted on the bottom of the TTO knob, from what I gather these are a bit rare. And I believe that Schick made at least one gold plated model as well.

As far as the actual shave, It is my opinion that all the different models shave pretty much the same. Some have claimed that the heavier models shave better, but I notice no difference, and don't feel a 10g difference makes any appreciable change in shave quality. So any Krona should give an excellent shave, as most of what makes the Krona such a great razor for many is the design of the head (as well as the handle design).

I'm about half way through putting together a write up, but my camera died and I'm waiting for a new one to arrive. When it shows up I'll put up some pictures.

Anyone else feel free to chime in, as I am far from an expert (but thanks for the vote of confidence, mmack). Guido may have some info on Schick dating.
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Unfortunately, I see too many Kronas with corroded surfaces. Looks like the lack of anticorrosion protection is common for all models.