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SC: Man's morning shave interrupted by home invasion

And he responds by shooting and killing one man (who was in the process of stealing a rifle and ammunition) and sending the other one packing. The second suspect was later arrested.


A deadly morning home invasion in Moncks Corner, and police say the homeowner pulled a gun on a suspect and shot him dead. Police responded at about 8:45 a.m. to a home in the 1400 block of Cooper River Boulevard in the Stony Landing neighborhood.

Authorities say 21-year-old Bobby Gadsden was shot to death after breaking into a home in Moncks Corner. Police say Gadsden and 20-year-old Clifford Ramsey, both of Moncks Corner, likely entered through the garage door, which had been left slightly open. Police say the homeowner, a 50-year-old man, was there when the men broke in.

"He was visibly shaken and upset. He said that while he was inside the house shaving, he heard some voices and rustling outside. So he went out to look, and once he found out it wasn't a family member he got kind of nervous and scared for his life," Police Lt. Wendell Bowen said.

Authorities say the homeowner first thought it was his son upstairs making noise, but the son's car wasn't in the driveway, and that's when they say the homeowner grabbed his handgun.

Next authorities say the homeowner caught a suspect coming down the stairs.

"A shot was fired. As a result the suspect was killed. Then the homeowner left the home to call 911," Berkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury said.

Police meanwhile say the second suspect ran out of the house, but they caught and arrested Clifford Ramsey after witnesses reported seeing him running and police dogs tracked his scent.

"At that time we had officers set up perimeter. We called in Berkeley county K-9. We had a real good idea of where he went into the woods, and it wasn't about maybe seven or eight minutes when Berkeley County and Moncks Corner officers came upon him in the woods," Lt. Bowen said.

Police say Ramsey didn't have a weapon or any stolen items on him. They say Gadsden was caught trying to steal a long gun and some bullets from the home.

Police say they will book Ramsey, charge him with burglary second, and he will be scheduled to go through bond court sometime Thursday afternoon.

Police say the homeowner will not be charged in this shooting, as he was defending himself. They say they are testing DNA from a t-shirt and a bandana from the crime scene to rule out whether any other suspects were involved. They are also looking into whether this home was chosen at random or targeted in this burglary.

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Your first two sentences read like the homeowner was the one arrested. The second suspect (the one who lived) was the one later arrested. Homeowner will not be charged.

Just wanted to make that clear, as I was wondering when a simple home defense case suddenly became illegal. :smile:
It's interesting that the home invasion happened in the morning.
Thanks to movies and TV, I just assume that thieves break in in the middle of the night, dressed in black or when you're not home.
I am moving to the deep south swamps soon and am trying to get used to the idea of everyone having guns. My husband hates the idea that in NYC having a gun in your house would get you into trouble. He is looking forward to going back to a place where a man can arm himself as he sees fit.
These 2 punks probably saw the guy's son leave and assumed no one was home and then were met by Mr. 357 Magnum.
I'm glad that the homeowner neutralized the first felon, and that police managed to pick up the second suspect.

Had the rifle and ammunition been stolen, who knows what crimes they might be used in...
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