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Uncle Homer's M-1

First off, I never knew Uncle Homer. He really wasn't an uncle nor was his his brother Freddy that I got this rifle from. Homer was a SEABEE in WWII and served most of the war in the Pacific. When he got out after the war, this rifle went home with him. Homer was killed in a crop dusting accident in 1952, the year I was born.

Homer's brother Freddy was a B-17 driver in Europe. He got shot down in '43 and finished the war as guest of the Reich. I met Freddy at Oak Grove Airport in the 80's. Freddy was Pappy Spinks right hand man. I got my pilot's license there and Freddy and I had a lot of fun aggravating each other. I called him Uncle Freddy and as far as I know was the only person ever to get away that. WHen Freddy was released from the Stalag he was able to gather up quite a few confiscated weapons to bring home. They were typical German sporting rifles and the like. Over the years he gathered up some more really nice guns.

Freddy came down with liver cancer in 96. He knew his time was short and he called me to come see him. I went by the house and after a short visit he showed me his collection of guns. I grabbed the M-1 first and his old rear end flapped open like a two dollar suitcase. He had nothing nice to say about the "ugliest damn gun" ever made. Anyway, he wanted me to dispose of his guns after he was gone and give the money to his lovely wife Mary. I told him I'd be honored.

Freddy passed and Mary called me and told me she was ready to get the guns gone. I asked her if she was in a big hurry for money or if I could take my time and sell them for top dollar. She said it didn't matter to her. I loaded the mess and told her I'd be in touch. I hit several gun shows and placed a few of the nicer ones with collector types I knew. I called her one day and told her I'd be by in a bit.

I met her and after a short chat, I gave her and envelope with right at $10K in it. She nearly fainted. I told her I still had a couple of clunkers to dump but that was the meat of the sale. SHe was sitting at her kitchen table in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Freddy had told her I'd be damn lucky to get $500 for all of them. Freddy was sadly mistaken. Probably the first time according to him if he was around to ask. Freddy was hoot and I miss him.

Mary then told me to look behind the kitchen door and there was something there that Freddy wanted me to have. It was Homer's M-1. As far as I know, she's 100% 1942. If I read the numbers right, it is 10 years older than me as it was made in July of '42. I shoot it occasionally just to listen to it talk. Along with the rifle I got Homer's PAL RH-37 fighting knife.

Mary's gone now, but they live on in my memory.

Here's some pics for ya.

Here she is in full recoil. Empty brass is in the air.

NICE Springfield Armory E McFarland cartouche

Mf'd July 1942. It's 10 years older than I am. ALL parts are correct for "as issued". Never been back for re-work.

Pretty wood and original cleaning/oiling stuff in the butt.

I don't shoot it much. The operating rod is uncut and I need to buy another one so this one doesn't break.

It stands at the ready for the zombie invasion.:biggrin1:


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Wow what a great story. I am sure Freddy was at peace knowing he could trust you to take of business for him.
I love Garands. The fact that this one has such a great story behind it makes it even better. Good job preserving the memory of two fine men.
Nothing nicer than an M-1 Garand, except perhaps the "ping" of the clip after that eighth round. For as old as it is, she's beautiful.

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
Seriously, that was a great story and a really, really good thing that you did. I am sure that you will never part with the M-1 and that is as it should be, IMHO.
Great Story, I live a few miles from the west coast Seabee base, wonder if Ol' Homer passed through during his time in service. I have always wanted to acquire an M-1 as both Grandfathers carried them during WWII. I am going to look into getting one from The CMP before our Congress decides that we shouldn't own them anymore.
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