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Has anyone had any good experience using sand paper to hone? If so how? Money is really tight right now and I really need to hone.
if you have never honed blade and you want to use sandpaper to use it you will just destroy the blade. what is razor's name? Send it to me i will hone it free of charge. just include stamp and package which i could send back your blade. hope this helps.
I've seen the stack of hones chess1 has, and I've seen videos of him honing. Take him up on this offer if this is your first go at straight shaving.

Otherwise I would imagine you would have better luck just getting lapping film and doing it right. The only thing I would use sandpaper for is polishing a blade, although some have said they used it to remove chips. Those people have more guts than I do :lol:.
You should really accept chess1´s generous offer. There´s nothing better than a fresh and professionally sharpened Razor.
Never get into experimenting with your (only) working razor.

This being said I do have some experience in using sandpaper for sharpening.
I have come to the conclusion that usual sandpaper is not quite adequate for *honing* razors. I have, however not been trying any kind of lapping film.
My experiences are limited to 800-1500 Sandpaper and micromesh up to 12.000.
In the very low grits I came to find 800grit paper to be very usefull.
It succesfully replaced my coarse stones, as it cuts much faster at lower cost
Totally agree with Less.

If you can afford the wet and dry down at your car parts shop, the 250 grit will remove dings, the 400 will take out the scratch pattern. The 800/1000 grit will set a great V bevel and 2000/3000 if you can find it will start to sharpen your edge. After that, the cost of honing gets more expensive.

Take the free hone option. Honest, it's the real deal if you are skint.
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