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Rum's you have tried and how you rate them

Rum is is my favorite when it comes to alcohol. Always looking to sample a new type. So, if you like rum, post what you have had and how you rate/liked them.

I have had few write rums, never had one i liked so i will omit it. i personally havent purchased anything expensive as of yet. Here's what I can rate.

I base it off drinking it straight up

Dark are my favorite followed by spiced rums.

Captain Morgans spiced rum and gold rum- I prefer the spiced over gold. i find them terrible to drink on their own. i view CM to the be "Smirnoff of Rum" in the sense that its only good for mixing and jsut getting hammered. I bought this early on in college until i found better rums. I do not buy this rum. so... in my opinion -------------------------------------------------------------

solo- i cant enjoy this straight so 1/5
mixability- I try to drown the taste when i mix - 1.5/5
value - listen i know its cheap but i hate this crap. to me its not worth what you pay. you cang et significantly better for the same price or like 2 dollars more - 2.5/5

CM Dark Rum
This is more enjoyable to me than the other two

solo- I can drink its straight but its not very enjoyable. A cheap dark rum 1.5/5
mixability - I can deal with the aftertaste it gives me when i mix, Its decent but much better dark rums out there 3/5
value - for the same price as a spiced and gold you get a tastier dark, still much better out there- 2.75/5

CM Private Stock

My buddy only drinks CM for some unknown reason , so for his Bday I got him this spiced rum. He loves this stuff, and i gotta admit, I can't **** all over this product. Its good.

Solo- This legit tastes like candy. I may have not had those 85 dollar bottles of rum to bring it up against but so far its great. only complaint is it tastes like there is some not natural flavors put in. doesnt taste natural a 4.5 to5/5. Its dangerously smooth
Mixability - I only have drank it straight up. - N/A
Value- for what you pay for a 26er you get something the size of a Mickey, its better tasting for sure and thats why you pay more. i wouldn't buy it for myself. i know there is better out there same size for the same price. If a discount brand can make this, I know a real brand will produce better and taste more natural 2/5

Appleton estate Reserve

I tried this once instead of CM in College and found it to mix much nicer. After college i didnt really touch it again until I visited my parents and they got a bottle as a gift. As far as godl Rums go. i like it better than Cm but still wouldn't buy it. however I would be open to trying more expensive vintages, I just have a hard time finding anything beyond the lowest tiers at the liquor stores.

Solo- I've drank it on the rocks. not my thing, but smoother than CM.. not by much - 1.5/5
Mixability- in my opinion, the aftertaste is doable, but not good by any means. better than CM. Ill give it a 2/5
Value - Listen, its better than CM, but with so many better options, it falls short so it gets the same rating 2.5 /5

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

I never seen this before until i moved to B.C and it was in every Liquor store. So i tried it. A tasty spiced rum With heavy notes of vanilla. Really worth a try, you may really dig it as a spiced rum.

Solo- I tried it on the rocks. better for mixing. but not crap 2.5/5
Mixability- mixes really well, you will taste the vanilla and spices int he background of whatever you drink. Im convinced its made with mixing in mind. works with alot of mixes but would not as well with fruitier mixes. regardless. its good with most mixes so 3.5 to 4/5
Value- I feel like you pay more to get a little less but its pretty dam good Spiced rum. heres the con. this is best to mix with coke. but i don't see the taste mixing as well everything you can nix a more well rounded spiced rum with 3.5/5

Kraken Black Spiced Rum

One of my favorites Spiced rums. i can drink it straight up, or mix it. I find people either love this or hate it. Never in between.

Solo- I can drink it on the rocks, not that smooth but perfer to mix. doesn't mean its that bad! 3 to 3/5
Mixability- no complaints. mixes well, nice aftertaste 4/5
value- you pay a little extra. worth it 4.5/5

Sailor Jerry

If you didn't disagree with me on any of the above. you may here. This stuff is my absolute favorite spiced rum i've had for one specific reason. When I mix it, the aftertaste is amazing to me. If a junor ranked sailor in my unit is throwing a party, you can expect this stuff to be passed around more than a busty french wh---.. you get what i'm saying. I'm biased.

Solo- my only complaint. I tried it solo once.. vile swill... not for me 1.5 to 2/5
Mixability- things change here. I only mix this. and its my favorite spiced rum for it 5/5 as far as spiced rum goes( i said i was biased)
Value- its like 2 bucks more expensive than CM spiced rum and ****-it 5/5

El Dorado 8 yr and 12 yr rum

I lumped these two together . ill rate the 8 year and you can go ahead and bump things like .5 of a point for the 12 year. This is a brand i can get behind. There is a bottle that is worth around 4 grand and i am taking donations if someone in the 1% is feeling generous. If you look tis stuff up the years keep climbing along with the price and it is good rum. Even the 8 yr old rum i find almost disrespectful to mix. This brand is a very good representation of getting what you pay for.

Solo- its pretty much the only way you should drink it 4/5
Mixability - never did it, felt like sacralidge
Value- the lower teir stuff is still a lil pricier than normal stuff. but its worth it 4.5/5

English Harbour 5yr old rum On my birthday i bought this as a gift to myself. You pay a bit more for it, but its good quality and diverse Id buy this stuff again just to keep in the cupbord because it is very diverse. its from Antigua and at like 35 bucks plus taxes Canadian for a 26er(so whats that like 5 dollars american?) its a nice rum to enjoy.

Solo- i remember this tasting pleasant and smooth 4 to 4.5/5
Mixability - I should not have done it. but i did. it adds a light tasty rum taste to whatever you mix it with. in fact you can put ALOT in with your mix and it hides it well. this makes it dangerous to mix. However, it should be respected as a stand alone on the rocks. however... it actually mixes that well so il give credit where it is due 5/5
Value- its prices accordingly. not cheap, not too expensive for what you are getting. A definite must have in my opinion.

Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

Esquire magazine rated Mount Gay's Black Barrel rum(i've yet to try it) Rum of the year like 8 years back. Eclipse is its less expense and easier to find brother. its a good all around rum, worth having and i will be buying again soon. Its been years since I had it so I will just do a little blurb. i remember being very satisfied. it wasn't fantastic straight up. a little harsh, but very doable. i remember it mixing very well and I thought it was total worth the extra couple bucks. its been so long I cannot assign a number value. What I can say is that it is a rum that i will be looking into trying different vintages when i can.

Gosling's Black Seal Rum

This is my all time favorite and I'm going to tell you why. I tried it one time in college and remember it being amazing, then boom, could not find it, but when i did, i was always with buddies and the decision for the night was never rum. Its very sporadic to find in Canadian stores for some reason. I got lucky and its at the Liquor planet near my place. This stuff... best mixability, i can drink it straight up. and omg is it ever well priced. to me it is the GOAT when it comes to slightly higher than regular priced Rum at 30 canadian monopoly money colored dollars for a 26er, you cant go wrong. there is a 75 dollar family reserve that i will purchase in a heartbeat if i find it on the shelves.

Solo- its smooth. 4/5
mixability- it adds a really tasty shugary rum flavor. its hard to explain, but it is amazing to mix with. to me this is a dark rum with a 5/5
Value- you get a much higher quality dark rum than what you pay for in my opinion. id pay a couple bucks more for it. 5/5


I have yet to try the really good stuff. once i rank up a bit and it doesn't seem ludacrist to be to drop 100 or more bucks on a bottle of rum. i will start collecting. my brother in law does that with wiskey and you can tell he really loves his small expensive wiskey collection. I really made this thread to start getting reviews of rums I never tried. Id love to read any reviews you guys have. As i try new and better brands and vintages, what i find good or garbage may change, but for now, this is how i feel about what i have had. Also if anyone knows a legitimately good white rum, I will keep an open mind.
I'm a whisky drinker myself, however when I go to rum, I really like Havana Club. This is not a spiced rum, but it is absolutely delicious. Great to sip and even better in a mixed drink. Try the Anejo Reserva.
Ron Zacapa 23 is awesome straight up in a brandy balloon.

Sailor Jerry beats all spiced rums hands down. Great neat or a dash of cola or ginger beer and fresh lime.

Matusalem rum is far and away the most amazing rum I've tasted neat. Ridiculously expensive but...wow!
Muddy rivier rum from balmot,NC is very good..But, I haven't tried the age vision of it..
I tried them all on the tour, all very good, but the Queen Charlotte is the best. Keep the shot glass from the tour, you can come back and get samples anytime.


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Zaya 12 yr; NOPE! Not for me. Just don't care for that style of rum.
The Kraken; very sweet, not for sipping but a good choice for a Dark and Stormy mixed drink. However - sweet liquor gives me a hangover.
Eldorado 12 yr; very good
Mount Gay Eclipse; very good
Ron Barrilito Very good - but gives me a terrible hangover.
Ron Abuelo 12 yr; Excellent.

Ron Abuelo is my favorite, Eldorado 12 yr is right behind.
I've tried a lot of the ones on your list but will only mention the ones I really like. My current favorite is El Dorado 15 Year. Neat or with one small rock. I also like Pyrat XO. Pyrat makes a reserve that runs about $250 a bottle. I was lucky enough to enjoy a glass of that while on vacation at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Very smooth. I also really enjoyed a bottle of Plantation Jamaican Rum. Nice vanilla notes on the nose. All I drink neat or with one small rock. And they go. I rly with a cigar. My preference is Ashton with a Maduro wrapper.
Best rum ive ever had in my life was Harrys (or Henrys...cant remember which anymore) Hurricane Rum....dark spiced rum with an incredible rich flavor. Sadly its no longer available and was produced by the Forty Creek distillery.....i think when Forty Creek was sold to its current owners the rum was dropped.
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