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Rum's you have tried and how you rate them

Reviving an old thread, but not many people know that India is the worlds largest producer of sugarcane & molasses. Brazil is next.
I like Old Monk Supreme.
I have it with a bit of brown sugar & ice.
Gosling’s Gold is the best Rum I’ve ever tried. It was absolutely perfect in every way. Cheers.
When trying to find out more about it I came across this review.

Old Monk Supreme XXX Rum Very Old Vatted - thefatrumpirate.com
Old Monk is fairly iconic.
The manufacturers refuse to advertise it, its purely word of mouth. Shocking, in this day & age.
It is beginning to lose market share to Diageo & other manufacturers who bombard the younger gen. with surrogate pseudoadvertisements (direct advertising of alcoholic drinks is banned in the country)
The part I find funniest in the link is the bit about it tasting artificial- Old Monk is purely natural, & it also has all the defects of natural untouched up flavours. Unlike the massively blended & taste retouched competition.
As far as the Supreme is concerned, what on earth gave the reviewer the idea its 12 or 18 years old? The 12 year old is called Gold reserve.
The Supreme is the straight 7 year rum, slightly blended with older stock.

But 7 years in the heat of India is equal to over 20 in, say Scotland.
Amrit whisky is produced in Bangalore, & it is a 4 year old whisky that holds its own with the 12 & 16 year old Scots competition. It has won many medals in the land that gave birth to scotch whisky. The reason is that at higher temperatures, wood flavours leach into the liquor faster, & the evaporative loss (angels share) is also about four times higher.

In my opinion, Old Monks defects are largely due to it being aged for too long.
7 years in the 45 °Celcius heat of Ghaziabad is equal to 28 in Europe, & some muddy flavours are produced because of it.

Old Monk Very Old Vatted Rum

Old Monk - Wikipedia

Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum

Here is a humorous take on the Old Monk phenomenon.
10 Reasons Why Old Monk Is The Best

Now I just had to open that fresh bottle, didn't I.
No worries-its 11:38 .
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