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Rubber handled Edwin Jagger exclusive to Amazon?

So, I bought a "Edwin Jagger DES86RCBLAMZ" from Amazon and, based upon the first photograph in the Amazon listing, I thought I was buying the rubber coated handled DE86RC14bl, as appears in the below image from Edwin Jagger's website.


What I actually received was the razor in the second image, a photograph of which is also found in Amazon's listing.


The razor I received is not listed on Edwin Jaggers own website and is shorter than their DE86RC14bl at 75mm rather than 83mm. The rubber coating (if it actually is rubber) is rather hard and disappointingly lacking in grip. Examining the handle closely, it appears very similar to the Edwin Jagger "Kelvin" handle that is exclusive to Amazon. The dimensions are the same with the difference being the rubber coating instead of the knurling on the Kelvin.

Does anyone else have this razor? Is it exclusive to Amazon and how does it compare to the Kelvin and the rubber handled DE86RC14bl?
I wouldn't be surprised if the heads are identical and the only difference between them being the handle.
Thank you, yes, they would be identical Edwin Jagger heads. Most of their razors have the same head with the only difference being the handle.

DE double edge
S short
86 black
RC rubber coated
BL comes with blades
AMZ amazon exclusive

The amazon Canada listing, like the amazon UK listing, is for the short DES86RCBLAMZ razor but includes the photo for the longer one as well, the top photo in fact. Something they need to fix obviously.

This razor along with the Kelvin are indeed exclusive to amazon. The handles are the same length with the only difference being the handle, knurling vs rubber coating. I too was disappointed with the lack of grip on the rubber coating. It's got to be the slickest rubber I have ever felt. The Kelvin is better, just a little. I wouldn't call it super grippy either but of all my Edwin Jagger razors it is probably the easiest to hold onto. I don't have any experience with the DE86RC14bl sorry.

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