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Rolls Razor swarf buildup on strop

I have a question for Rolls Razor users. The strop, which is charged with ferox, is beginning to build visible swarf. Same with the hone. Does this need to be cleaned, and if so, by what method? Or is this nothing to worry about? The razor was unused when I acquired it and it shaves great. Thank you.


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I'm "bumping" this thread up....wish I could help, but I'm not a Rolls shaver. They are cool looking razors, and I've been tempted a time or two, but haven't made the leap. If no one here steps up, you may want to head to the straight razor area and post the question there. I know it's a totally different blade system, but those guys use and maintain lots of different strop-types (i.e., charged and uncharged).
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