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Rockwell Blades?

Has anyone tried the free 100 blades that come with a Rockwell razor? Any good? I’m assuming not but hey.....


Blades are always very subjective. It’s all about finding the right combination between your razor, your blade, and your face. I also find that different blades work better for me in different razors. So it’s all about trying out blades until you find the ones that work for you. I didn’t care for the Rockwell blades in my 6s, my black beauty, or my Rex ambassador.
I received a tuck, not 100. I didn’t use them at all because of the large amount of criticism. Then after I had been DE shaving for about a year I used one. It worked fine for me. It wasn’t the best and I doubt I’ll ever buy 100, but it didn’t harm me. I do not have a heav beard and my skin isn't overly sensitive for what it’s worth.
Rockwell, some of the best Razors in the world, but for some reason they have some of the worst, if not the worst blades in the world. I have used many different blade brands. Some are better than others, but they all work for me. The Rockwell ones never worked for me.

Meh. Not that good and not that bad.

I have about 150 of them on hand and use them from time to time. Most were free with razors and I have a couple of 20 packs I got from Marshall’s for peanuts on clearance when I first started using DE razors.

I wouldn’t buy them with my own $$$ as Dorco Primes and even Derby's are much better and not as expensive.

Rockwell blades are just low to medium quality rebranded Chinese blades. Useable but I have at least a dozen other brands that I much prefer.
I tried 1 of the 100 free new I got with my 6S. I see no reason to try the other 99. The upside is I can now put a fresh blade in my baker's lame every time I make bread.
Along with Derby Extra they are the worst blades I have ever tried and the only time I have ever thrown unused blades in the trash. Don't let that put you off 😁
For some reason I kept insisting, I tried 5. I didn't like them, based on this, I assume I won't like the other 95.
Do Rockwell actually manufacture blades? At a guess I would say they come from the East with Rockwell livery printing. A few companies use Swedish steel but that seems to be the only clue.
the Rockwell.com site has been updated.
All the answers to your questions can be found in the new FAQ
I concur with the prevailing sentiment here: I've found the Rockwell blades to be pretty dreadful. That's a shame, because the razors are outstanding. The selection of these blades for their private label brand is one of among other really poor business decisions the boys at Rockwell have made. For perhaps a few pennies more per blade, they surely could have sourced a blade that would showcase the true performance of their excellent razors. As it is, selling their razors with these blades is like selling a Porsche with recaps on it. What are they thinking? You have to wonder if these guys even use their own product.
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