Review of the Polsilver Super Iridium

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    Just full shave review of the Polsilver blades. Sharp but no quite as smooth:

  1. YMMV. However, I use a PolSilver every day to a BBS. I have had three weepers THIS YEAR so far, so I don't know what it says when you can't get through one without a weeper.

    I use a different razor and MDC, so it's possible it's not the right blade for your razor/face/technique. It definitely is for mine.
  2. Great video. Thanks for sharing it. I love Polsilvers in a variety of razors, and like some other sharp brands, I find the second shave to be a little better than the first. The first shave wears off some of the harshness - like corking a blade - and afterwards it is smooth sailing.
  3. It probably says that I’ll use them a few more times with different razors and creams and update with a catch-up video.


    That whilst they’re great blades, YMMV and my face may not suit them. It wouldn’t be the first time my face has suited something/ someone
  4. One of my favorites. Blades are definitely a YMMV thing as my face HATED Gillette Silver Blues while most other people love them.
  5. I have found that weepers are a result of using too much pressure. I've always been tempted to use too much pressure, especially when a blade has some wear on it (for me, more than twenty or so shaves on and edge), and I get weepers, always in the places I have the most trouble shaving.

    Try a very light touch and quick, short strokes -- I suspect you will get far fewer weepers.
  6. GSB didn't work for me, either.
  7. Polsilvers are definitely on my to try list, the whole YMMV is really true ,I really thought that GSB's were going to be my dream blade, I feel they are smooth and sharp but The Gillette Nacet ,imho is a tad bit smoother. I still love both of them but it seems like everyone's opinion of every blade is always going to be different.
  8. Interesting comments!

    Looks like I am in the minority here. I definitely prefer GSB to polsilvers (which are fine blades).
  9. Gsb works really well in bbs1 for me really tamed the edge v feather. Trying polsilvers in it next week
  10. Esox

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    Polsilver is my #1 blade tied with Blue Diamond Titanium. Sharp enough for a single ATG buffing pass for a BBS finish in my Fatip while being smooth enough.

    If you like the sharpness but would like a blade just a bit smoother, try these: Super-Max Super Blue Diamond TITANIUM

    I find them the equal of Polsilver for less expense and just a bit smoother.
  11. Shaved with it for the 1st time in awhile. Didn't like it in my other razors, so tried it in my Ming Shi 2000s today. 2 1/2 on the WTG, 3 1/2 on the ATG, 4 1/2 XTG. Proraso Sandalwood soap.
    Smooth as silk all the way. This is the 3rd blade that I've re-tried in this razor, and got a incredible shave. Will be leaving a few around with my others.

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  12. Esox

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    So far its a toss up between Polsilver and Gillette Yellow for a single pass ATG BBS shave. Polsilvers are damn sharp and I only needed a single very light clean up after one full pass ATG for a very nice BBS shave.

    Gillette Yellow is very close in sharpness, but quite a lot smoother in my Fatip Grande. Both are excellent blades.
  13. I finally figured out how to get a nice, close shave with a Polsilver -- for some reason I just wasn't getting the stubble off. Finally put it in a FatBoy on 7, and with some care and attention to shaving direction, I'm getting good comfortable close shaves after 40 tries. Blade show no signs of wear yet, cuts like new. Has always felt very very sharp and quite smooth, but I have to get all the angles right to remove stubble.

    That said, I'm quite sure I have a lifetime supply. I bought 150 of them because there were rumors that they were going out of production, and I was figuring 4 or 5 shaves each. Now that it looks more like 90+ shaves per blade, it's unlikely I will live long enough to use them up.
  14. Polsilver is the only blade I use. As sharp as I need and so smooth for me. I've tried a lot of blades and got close with Kai, but Polsilver and I just click.
  15. Ron R

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    My first impressions of the Polsilver after 4 shaves, 1 & 2 shave average and then the blade to start to perform a little sharper for me on 3 & 4 shave so I conclude that the iridium coating must be wearing and exposing the blade edge more while still keeping the smoothness. Astra super platinum gets very sharp on 2 & 3 shave then it seems to slowly lose it sharpness(Toss maybe on shave 4,5,6,7! IMO). It seems every blade has characteristics that can suite the razor and user, just getting the compo right takes a little time and testing.
    All the best
  16. I haven't tried GSB's yet but the Polsilver has been one of my favorite 2 blades for the last year or two. I usually palm strop it before first use, and again after a week or so. I agree that it gets smoother after the first shave or two, and I've found that palm stropping it the second time after a handful of uses seems to help. I get a much higher number of consistent, smooth shaves with the PSI's than any blade other than the Gillette Platinums.

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