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Review of Charles Tyrwhitt shaving cream

Friends, I ordered a tub of Charles Tyrwhitt lemon and cedar shaving cream about 2 weeks ago, and I received it on Friday. Now, gosh, it wasn't terribly expensive, only 10 bucks, and the packaging is sure nice, it comes in a very attractive blue tub. The cream itself is lightly scented, it whips up to a decent lather, gives a decent, regular shave, rinses easily, but I found that my skin was rather dry. I plan to keep this cream as part of my rotation, but I don't plan to use it too often. I even find that I have to use more of it than I would with Crabtree & Evelyn, or Taylors or DR Harris to get an appreciable lather. My rating:
price: 8/10
scent: 4/10
lather 6/10
comfort 6/10
overall 6/10
I'm not about to give up my other creams or soaps for this one just yet!


Thanks for the review. After a few more shaves, I'd be interested to hear if you'd be willing to purchase it again.

Water, sorry for answering so late, but I heard Taylors puts it out for them. It sure doesn't deliver like the Taylors creams I've got!

Peter, enjoy it, I find it's ok, I wouldn't throw it out, but I won't buy it again when I finish it.

I really hope Peter is right and its good stuff, although lately I'm hearing bad about creams that used to be good...(Taylors...) formulation changes, etc...
I have been meaning to try it out, because I love the smell of cedar....
Maybe I'll try to trade somebody for some.
John P.
John, in my honest opinion Charles Tyrwhitt is not what it's cracked up to be. It's part of my rotation, but I have a feeling it'll take me a long time for me to finish it. My brother in law takes most of my rejects, so maybe I'll offer it to him the next time he comes over to visit.

You may want to take note of this, if you don't like the shaving cream. Remember, they have stores in the US that you can return to.

I agree with most of the ratings, but would rate it 8/10 for comfort and 8/10 overall. I got a very nice, close shave. A little more lubrication would have been nice, and the scent is interesting but far from intoxicating.
Dad, I gave away the Charles Tyrwhitt cream to my brother-in-law, he takes most of the creams or soaps I'm not crazy about. He says this stuff is ok, but he's not a huge fan of it either.

It appears this thread went cold some months ago, but I thought I'd throw in my $0.02.

A quick check of the CT web sites doesn't turn-up any mention of their shaving supplies. I can't say I am surprised as the blue tub of shaving cream discussed in this thread was reduced in price to $5.00 this winter. I ordered a couple off of their web site at that time. It now appears that this was a clearance sale as part of a move to get out of shaving supplies (at least for now). My apology in advance if Ct has actually remained in this business and I just looked in the wrong place.

In any case, at $5.00 per tub the value rating is a clear 10/10 now! I have been generally pleased with this cream if somewhat underwhelmed by the scent: "cedar and lemon" suggests something interesting, but the actually scent is a bit plain.

I haven't noticed any of the dry skin problems mentioned earlier in this thread. The CT cream remains a common part of my rotation as it lathers quite nicely and works very well.

I think I paid 4.00 for the cream, and 5.00 for the ASB. I think the ASB is pretty good, and my wife loves the scent.
Cheers, DJ.
I also purchased a couple of bottles of the ASB. As you observe, unlike the cream the "cedar and lemon" ASB actually does have a pleasant and noticeable scent. Can't beat the price!
I like everything about the stuff except that it does take more of it than I'm used to. Almost twice as much. I bought several tubs and have gifted a couple. No complaints from them... (but then, who complains when it's free?). :wink:
I personally love the CT cream.
To be honest, I like it better than Taylor creams I've used, so perhaps that is the scent? I haven't had any drying issues or any such as mentioned above.
Simply wonderful stuff, shame it went away.
John P.
I've actually grown to really like the CT cream as well. I wouldn't want to stick my nose in the tub, but I enjoy the smell when lathered. It's also one of the slickest creams I've owned and therefore really nice with my hard water.
Oddly enough, Amazon still has (or at least lists) this as available through Charles Tyrwhitt even though it's no longer listed on the CT website. $28 a tub through Amazon, though - yikes!

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