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Removing the head

I have a old celluloid shaving brush that my mom got me at an antique shop a few years ago. I'm pretty happy with the handle. The badger isn't looking so hot these days. So I'm considering just replacing the head. The price for heads at blankity-blanks seems too good to pass up.

I've searched the site, but I'm not finding a lot of info on replacement. How do you measure the "knot"? How do you remove the head? :w00t: What do people think of the blankity best badger heads?

I have 2 of there premium 20 mm heads and they're very nice. Shedded a bit at first and they're very soft when wet. For soap you might want one of their best badger heads.
Measuring and removing the head? Cut the hair off even with top of the handle then you can measure it with calipers or a small rule. To remove the plug try cutting around it with a exacto knife then dig it out with a dremel or drill it out.
Good luck.
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