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Reheating Glyverine Soaps?

I got my order of Honeybees soaps in the mail yesterday, and my first soap to use will be the Victorian Rose scented soap (boy do I love its smell). It wouldn't fit into my coffee mug so I had to heat it in the microwave to get it to fit. Can anyone tell me whether glycerine soaps lose their scents by being heated in the microwave?
Not an issue for me (using VDH) however from what I've read, if they are heated too long, the heat can affect te scent.

I'm sure others with more knowledge will chime in soon enough...
It took me longer than the Col Conk Soap which can be reheated in 3x10 sec increments. It tooke me like 45? for it to finally melt enough to drop to the bottom. But I am not sure if the scent is still there in full force compared to the other soaps from Honeybees or not. They are very strong scented out of the package:biggrin::biggrin: which I love. I was really hoping to have a strong scented lather.
so 45 seconds shouldn't be too much time to cause loss of scent?

No it should not. The main thing is to just apply enough heat to fully melt the soap, which will have he least affect on the soap. This is why doing 10 second blasts in the microwave is the safer route to go.

I have melted several pucks of HBS with no noticeable affect to the scent.
I thought it might have lost a fraction of its scent or maybe it was because my nose became insensitive to it by repeatedly sniffing it to see if I lost any of the scent, lol
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