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Recommendations for groomsmen?

I'm getting married in October and I decided to do a safety razor/bowl/brush set for my 5 guys. I've got a nice assortment of decent safety razors from eBay, and I think I know what I am going to do for bowls/mugs/cups/whatever.

The brush is the toughie. I am on a limited budget. Would really love to keep them under $10 each, but I know that's asking a lot. Should I do something like buy a lot and then reknot? I know absolutely nothing about doing this, but it seems like it could be cool.

Any suggestions much appreciated.
Hmm tough call I think. Given that this gift might be changing their daily routine, you could skip the razor and bowl and perhaps go with a decent brush and a T&H Sampler set of a Trumpers Sampler. Little bit of all the nice things there.
West Coast Shaving has nice Omega boar brushes for $9 each. With shipping, five brushes would be around $50. I assume you wet shave yourself? Why not spend another $17 for a case of ARKO shaving soap? Include a stick with each brush for your groomsmen and save the rest for yourself. That would be a gift that will last them along time.
I would go with a quality boar over the cheap badger.

One thing you might consider doing if you go with a boar is to give all of the good brushes a shampoo or two to help get rid of the initial wet dog smell and speed up the break in.

I'm a big fan of boar brushes generally and think this is the way to go if you want to get a quality brush on a budget.
I think for bowls you could just include an Instruction manual and tell them to use their own bowl. I'd think if they tired it 1 or 2 times then they'd be hooked! I like the idea of going ahead a breaking in the brush. 2 thumbs up for WestCoastShaving! Good luck sounds like an awesome idea!
+1 on Omega boars. The best quality you find around the $10 mark.

+1 on breaking in the brushes. Give them all a few soak, lather dry cycles to get rid of any "boar" smell and start the breakin for the lucky recipients
Thanks, fellas. I think the $9 boar brush it is. I hate to cheap out, but I do have a budget and I figure if they get into it, they'll upgrade as needed. One of the guys already uses a bowl and brush and is looking to get a safety razor after I told him about my experience, so hopefully he doesn't go out and buy something before then, but that being said, if one good safety razor is good, two are better, am I right?! lol :thumbup:

I'd really like to get fancy shaving bowls or scuttles from some of the potters who are doing them, but that's out of the realm of possibility, so I'll probably just get a few latte bowls instead. They work just fine, too! Our "theme" is Depression-era for the decorating (think lots of flowers in glass bottles and jars, cans, etc), so mismatched/repurposed fits the theme perfectly.
Omega boar are good choices. Since you are ordering a quantity ask for a discount.

Are you sure the DE razors will be recieved with welcome? Just asking because some people are touchy on this subject, especially since they are not new. I expect that they have been cleaned, sanitized, and polished.

A 4 inch condiment bowl from your local store can be nice for just a few $ each. The heavy ceramic ones are cheaper, and better suited for lathering. Skipping the bowl to get soap may be better.

A decent soap or assortment of soaps (so they can pick one) may also be welcome.

They work just fine, too! Our "theme" is Depression-era for the decorating (think lots of flowers in glass bottles and jars, cans, etc), so mismatched/repurposed fits the theme perfectly.

You could get some cups that are made to be replicas of the ones from Alcatraz. Not quite the same theme but still neat :tongue_sm
cool theme, not something I've ever seen before. cool idea too, I'm going to be a groomsman in June and I'm pretty sure I wont get any cool shaving gear...
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