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Recommendation for a razor?

The options...

  • Goodfella - $70 CDN

  • Parker 91R - $32 CDN

  • Muhle No. R 89 - $55 CDN

  • Edwin Jagger Plaza Classic Marble - $92 CDN

  • Edwin Jagger Classic Ebony - $40 CDN

  • Merkur 23C - $42 CDN

  • Merkur 38C - $62 CDN

  • Other - please indicate

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I currently user an Indian made Parker 22R, but it just does not cut it for me. No pun intended... :) This is is: http://www.fendrihan.com/parker-doubleedge-razor-p-258.html

This is a 3.75" long razor, which is nice. Not sure about the smaller ones.

I have a number of options and was thinking of these:

1. Goodfella - $70 CDN

2. Parker 91R - $32 CDN

3. Muhle No. R 89 - $55 CDN

4. Edwin Jagger Plaza Classic Marble - $92 CDN

5. Edwin Jagger Classic Ebony - $40 CDN

6. Merkur 23C - $42 CDN

7. Merkur 38C - $62 CDN

8. Other - please indicate
I voted for the Merkur 38. Yields a consistent, close shave.

The EJ's with the new head are slightly less aggressive than the Merkur, FWIW. Construction and plating is much better on the EJ's, tho.

I like that classic marble razor!


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I voted other.

You can get a nice Slant yes, but I am thinking about those Gillette sitting in BST... They are awesome razors! You can get a Merkur Slant, Gillette Slant or even a Gillette NEW. Those would do a great job. I never tried a Parker but I would guess it would be easy to use.

The Muhle is interesting also, I had the R89 old type, quite aggressive. It all depends on where you want to go.

If you are unsure about aggressivity, then you need an adjustable. Slim, Fatboy, superadjustable, Futur...
If you're looking for a newly produced razor (meaning not vintage), I would suggest a Merkur HD (34C). Either that or one of the Edwin Jagger Chatsworth models with the HD heads. My favorite DE razors. YMMV, of course...There are some beautiful old Gillettes to be had as well...
Voted other.

For well under $92CDN you should easily be able to get a really good "vintage" Gillette. Either on BST or even Ebay for that price. ( Just say a Rocket HD go for $53AU ( about the same in CDN $$$ ) )

I highly recommend keeping an eye on BST for a good razor with out worrying about the inflated pricing and condition guesswork out of Ebay.

Or check out your local secondhand/opp/thrifty shops.

Perhaps a good Tech, or a SS or Rocket or even an adjustable slim or Fatboy ( really depends on what tickles your fancy, I've got a real passion for TTO's so haven't even tried a tech ).

Something about shaving with a 30+ year old razor ( currently shaving with my 61 year old Atristocrat #16 and my 49 year old FB) .... :001_smile
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Voted on 38C. It's a razor for life. Get one in colour though, sure wish I did.
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Vintage Gillette adjustable. If you like length, a long handle super adjustable, if you like heft, a Fat Boy, if you want a compromise of both, a Slim.
From your choices I'd go for the Edwin Jagger Plaza Classic or the Chatsworth but personally if I were you I would consider going with a Gillette, any Gillette that is and a 40's style SS is a great place to start exploring but certainly not the last to try.....
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I would recommend a vintage Gillette - any Superspeed, any adjustable....

If you must have a brand new razor, the Merkur HD is probably as good a place to start as any....
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