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Recommend me a lavender water AS

My favorite is Agua Lavanda Puig. It's not a pure lavender, but very nice...clean and classy. I understand that it's not nearly as strong as it used to be, which is a shame, but it comes in giant bottles that make it a pretty cheap investment. IMHO, the current ("weak") splash is perfect as an aftershave. I just wish Puig still made the full-strength cologne.
I know Avalon Organics has a Lavender Toner that is fairly readily available. I think I have even sen it at TJ Max for around six or seven dollars.
Ebarbershop.com has an excellent Lavender and very affordable. Glass Bottles are awesome design. Check out their website. !!!
People tell me Speick aftershave has lavender along with the primary herbal. I'm still researching and intend to develop a nose for primary notes so I can't say with any certainty yet.
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