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Recommend a BOAR for me

I'm female (not sure what that has to do with it!)

I've never tried a boar.

I shave in the shower, so my brushes get WET. I do remove them from the shower immediately afterward, and dry them off. However, I've never had a wooden handled brush, so I'm not sure how it would stand up to these conditions. If it would be ok, I'm open to any handle material.

I create lather on my legs, not in a bowl.

I like very soft tips.

I like some backbone, but not the most backbone available.

My top runner for now, based on what I like and on reviews, is the Semogue 830. I wish the handle was longer, though. Any thoughts?
My first thoughts are no wood and a larger/longer knot (plus 50-55mm). Any Omega, Semogue or Vulfix boar that fits those criteria is worth trying.

I really like the look of wooden handles but the only brushes that fell apart where the ones with one. And I never come near a shower with my brushes...
The best boar brush for me is te Semogue 2000. If you choose this tool you must know that you will have to break the bristles during one month or so. After that you will have a very soft brush with a medium backbone. I think the size is perfect to build the lather in your legs.

I hope this helps.:001_rolle
The 10098 Omega Pro is a large brush. Also, it has a plastic handle, so no worries about wood cracking from multiple wet/dry cycles. I find it lathers soaps great. Also, i believe you can find it various places for $15 or under with free shipping.

Another Omega is the 20106. it is almost as long as the 10098 and the knot is just as large. Main difference from the 10098 appears to be the shape of the handle. I have this one on order, so have not actually tried it yet. Again, plastic handle, not wood. And, it is about $5-7 more expensive than the 10098.

Seems to me the 10098 would be the better choice of the two, but you would need to make a judgment based on which handle you think would work better. And the price.
While I personally like the quality of Seomgues better than that of an Omega, the Semogue 830 is a fantastic, but smaller brush at 22mm and 55mm loft. I would assume a larger brush might be in order for lathering the larger surface area of two whole legs. Semogue knots top out at 25mm I think (the SOC and possibly one or two others). If you go with a Semogue I would get one of these bigger knots.

That said Omega's are a touch more floppy than the Seomogues, but they have several brushes with 27mm knots with high lofts. These might also be worth considering for you. I have only used Omega banded boars (but the solid color brushes are reportedly the same), and they are IMO softer than the Semogue offerings, and that could be another consideration on soft leg skin. For what its worth my GF chose an Omega out of my whole brush collection to leg lather.
Soft = Semogue 1305. Very soft regardless of preferred hair type, badger or boar. Compares very favorably with my Simfix Grovsenor 2-band badger.
I have never read an unfavorable review of the 1305.
I'd recommend the Omega 10098 or 10048. The main difference is the handle shape; both are inexpensive, soft with pretty good backbone. Another might be the Omega Pro 10049. I have two; they cost me $8.99 apiece at the Italian Barber and my stubbly old face loves 'em..

I wouldn't worry too much about wooden handles. Semogue put a decent sealant or paint on them and their recommendation is not to soak/submerge them. Showers just get them wet. Mine get wet holding and lathering them, as I can't be bothered drying my hands all the time.

Plus, they're cheap. If they 'only' last 3-5 years, you've had your moneys worth.

If it still bothers you, I'd go with the 830. It will do a great job.
The Semogue 2000. It's a very big and when broken in, soft brush. With a little bit of care, the wooden handle isn't a problem yet it has so much more class than plastic handles. It's a real first class bowl lathering boar. I use mine at least once a week.
As others have said, you really can't go wrong with an Omega, Semogue or Vulfix.

One of the least mentioned brushes is the Vulfix 404 boar/badger mix that you can get from a couple of vendors (diamond edge in the UK will sell them to North America and has a great price). In addition to being an excellent brush for the price, it comes in one of Vulfix's excellent lathe turned handles (not a cheapo plastic handle like their lower end brushes).
Thanks for all of the input. As of right now, I'm leaning toward the Omega 10098. It has a large knot to cover the larger surface area of my legs. Also, it has a longer handle than I've ever used. For not much $, I get to try both a boar and a different handle shape to see if I like them.
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