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Razors being "boring"?

I’ll start by saying my Feather AC folding razor with Feather blades provides a super close comfortable shave. It’s consistent, predictable, a manufactured shave. I wouldn’t go as far to call it boring.....perhaps less engaging for me. On the other hand, my modest assortment of SR’s are maintained by me. So not always consistent. A variety of steel, age, weight, history and design makes way for variation. I’m not bored with SR shaving, that I can say.
I've struggled for a few years to appreciate AC format safety razors. There are several reasons for that, but chief among them is that most AC safety razors are intentionally rather aggressive. After all, you have a sharp rigid blade; may as well celebrate that. I can do aggressive up to a point, but there's definitely a sweet spot in my ability to pay attention. A Wunderbar with a fresh Astra SP? That'll do it. SE2 with a Proline? I managed an accommodation by shaving at a steep angle but the shear forces dulled the blade in about three shaves.

I have a feeling the guys who are using AC shavettes and barber razors are getting a pretty good shave, or at least so they report. Earlier this year I picked up a Hawk V3SB that is the first AC safety razor I've actually liked shaving with. It is designed to be a bit milder, I understand.

I wouldn't say "boring" but I will say I can get three weeks worth of shaves out of each Kai Captain Titan Mild Pink blade I put in it. It's the razor that takes the longest to finish a blade, and sometimes I'm not all in for three weeks of shaving with the same razor every time.

I was comfortably settling into a routine focused around slant DEs with an occasional Gem SE shave for variety. I decided after swearing at them and off them for years that I'd up my game a little and try a shavette. Gradually working into that now, and finding the shaves anything but "boring."

For me a "boring" razor is one that gives you great shaves without requiring much in terms of tehnique. One good example is Rockwell 6C/S. I can run it around my face like I did with carts back in the day and will be fine. If I'll do that with Fatip Picollo it will chew up my face
Hmm... I wonder what most shavers are really seeking - "boring" razors to be able to shave without extra problems, or "challenging" razors that will require extra work?

South Dakota Guy

Hmm... I wonder what most shavers are really seeking - "boring" razors to be able to shave without extra problems, or "challenging" razors that will require extra work?
I like boring. Boring is good. My new Timeless SS .68 SB razor might be the most boring razor that I own. There isn't a great big learning curve and gives me comfortable irritation free shaves. But each of us are here for different reasons. I think that for a lot of us mastering the use of a DE razor was a challenge. We stuck it out even when our faces felt like crap and we shed blood. Many don't and go back to what they used before. I think that for some of us RAD is driven by the desire to be challenged by using different razors. For me, there is a little of that, but mostly my searches have been to find the ultimate boring razor. One that I can shave with daily and consistently get BBS shaves with little or no irritation.
I think Samhain666 said it very well.

To the terms exciting/boring I would add alive/dead.
1. Car w/auto transmission "dead", stick shift "alive'.
2. Sliding through a turn on skiis "dead", carving a turn "alive"
3. Rockwell 6C/S "dead", Blackbird "alive". I feel its heart beat against my face every time I use it.
The most interesting razor I own was located in an antique store in an old mining , now college town. The name of the original owner was on the box shipping label. The kit was all there minis one blade, excelent condition old type Gillette ,velvet bag, metal case, blades.
Also found owners headstone in local cemmetary. Did an internet search and was able to find some information. His home, wich could have been called a mansion at the time it was build, is now part of the college campus.


For me it is nothing to do with rarity, monetary value, or performance, instead it means lacking in character or history - even an imagined history, a patina from previous owners; an intangible quality that is hard to explain. No new razors interest me for that reason but in fifty years those same razors might have more appeal. Likewise a NOS or perfectly replated example of a vintage razor, while it may be lovely, is lacking something and I prefer a used but lightly worn example. I also find TTO razors rather dull which is odd as some are very fine razors and certainly have character and history. Interesting question, I guess it is a personal thing 👍
You nailed it my friend. BUT... TTO are rather dull? Boring? Feast your eyes on the absotively undull TTO below. 100_5364.JPG
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