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razor travel kits

Hello everyone! I was just wondering what kind of travel kit that everyone uses for their DE razor. Is there any particular kind that you would highly recommend or at least one that I should stay away from?

When I originally started wet-shaving, I just thought that I would bring along an old disposable razor. I am now so addicted that I will do all that I can to only use a DE razor. It is a good thing that I have an understanding wife who doesn't mind my quirks.:biggrin:

Any input or advice that you have would be appreciated.

Great topic Magnus. I am going on a trip next month and have been ponering the same. I'm only away for three nights (and driving so no TSA), so I can get away with a DE and one blade, without having to worry about a blade bank and spares, so that question pretty much solved. Product remains the big question for me. I have an AOS starter kit that I assumed I would use for travel, but now I find myself tempted by so many other products. I know I CAN shave with the same products for 3 days, and I like the AOS sandalwood to boot, but I could pack a little variety if I decant some product into samller containers. Am I crazy? Or just really enjoying having a better shave?
A small hard case for an MP3 player works great for your razor. Just make sure its the right size. A pill bottle works well for your brush, are incredibly cheap or free from a pharmacy just requires a few holes to vent. Get yourself a shave stick or tube of cream and face lather away. Used blades, an altoid tin.
In my case, i can not afford the subtlety of loosing a vintage DE on flights so i pick up my Feather popular in his travel case (available everywhere in case of loss) and a pack of 10 blades and here i go...And the weight may counts too for instance, as recently, in a walk of 800 kms | 500 mls to Santiago de Compostela in 45 days.:c14:

When the weights is not an issue the good ol' Atra...but, hey, it's just me, i think the Atra is a nice performer!!
I´m heading to Finnmark, Norway for five days now. I´m taking with me:

*Merkur Travel Razor in leather case
*Red Personna blade
*La Toja Shaving stick
*Trumper´s Sandalwood Skin Food
*Some fragrance samples.
*Cheap pure badger brush



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In my line of work, I travel 60 to 70 percent of the time, about half driving and half flying.
Whether I fly or drive, I always have luggage, so I pack everything into my leather travel bag (What we used to affectionately refer to as a "douche kit" in the Navy) so I have no sharps in the carry-on to worry about.
I can't understand the whole idea of trying to travel with only a carry-on. Anyway, I get to use my own trusted hardware and software and don't have to resort to either the fearful five bladed flesh eaters or the .0005 ounce plastic disposables.
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